3 Things to Consider Before Installing Hard Water Solutions for Home

A recent US geological survey revealed that hard water is found in over 85% of homes across our country. With statistics like these, it’s no question that the vast majority of us have had to deal with hard water at some time in our lives. From faucets encrusted in hard white gunk to dingy clothes and less than fabulous hair, hard water can make our lives more difficult. This is why we at ScaleBlaster have created hard water solutions for home, but before you jump ship and choose to soften your water, there are some considerations to be made.

1. The Initial Cost of the Water Softening Unit
In some instances, the cost of the unit may not outweigh the problems that hard water in the home creates. Our company has created a selection of different hard water solutions for home and for commercial and industrial applications so that each individual or business can be completely catered to. Best of all, they not only treat your water. Our systems are also able to remove scale buildup in equipment and pipes, which saves you time and stress in the long run.

2. Salt Consumption
In a world where we already consume too much salt, one obvious concern when seeking hard water solutions for the home is the increased salt consumption. The majority of water softening solutions does include some form of salt which will then also enter your waterways. However, our innovative solution here at ScaleBlaster involves no salt and no chemicals whatsoever.

Our unique design allows us to soften your water by creating an oscillating electronic field. The frequency created by our devices is able to alter the size, shape and charge of the calcium molecules that are responsible for hard water and lime scale, and forces them to lose their adhesion. This allows the unwanted calcium to flow out and be removed without any negative impact on your health.

3. Maintenance Needs
Traditional water softening solutions require a lot of maintenance, and that maintenance likely needs to be conducted by a trained professional. Not only does that take time away from your life, but it forces individuals to continuously spend more money on the product.

At ScaleBlaster, we say “goodbye” to the regular fees and upkeep. The systems that we offer to our customers could not be simpler. They require no maintenance and are able to continue performing at peak efficiency for an extended period of time. There is no waste (harmful to the environment), no regular maintenance (harmful to your pocketbook) and no need to make appointments with us (harmful to your schedule). It could not be easier to enjoy soft water.