Combating the Need for Cooling Tower Biocide

An Alternative to Chemical Cooling Tower Biocide Systems

Hard water can be severely damaging to cooling towers and other industrial water system units. The limescale buildup is corrosive to pipes and is a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. The professionals here at ScaleBlaster have spent years developing a system to protect industrial water systems from the harmful effects of hard water and limescale deposits. Our revolutionary system is uniquely designed for industrial use and provides water treatment that does not require salt or other harsh chemicals. We’re confident our product can improve water quality and decrease corrosion in all industrial water systems.

A Comparison of Our Product and Traditional Biocide Methods

A biocide is defined as a chemical substance or microorganism designed to destroy or control a harmful organism using biological or chemical means. For example, a cooling tower biocide is designed to destroy the algae, bacteria, and fungi that can thrive in the water supply. These bacteria and other organisms can form a layer of bio-slime that acts as the foundation for limescale. The limescale buildup, in turn, reduces energy efficiency, increases the frequency of maintenance shutdowns, and increases water usage.

We’re proud to say that ScaleBlaster is highly effective at eliminating and preventing limescale without using the harsh chemicals present in traditional cooling tower biocide systems. Instead, our device uses an electric field with a complex waveform. This wave oscillates between several frequencies over a large range and disrupts the molecular structure of the elements that cause limescale. Our device cleans exiting buildup and prevents it from returning. We’ve designed our unit to specifically address the needs of industrial water systems.

Benefits of Installing an Alternative Water Treatment System

There are several advantages to choosing our product over a chemical cooling tower biocide. Because our method employs an electric field, it doesn’t add anything to the water supply. Our system eliminates the need to add salt or other hard chemicals to the water. The device also encourages increased cycles of concentration, which raises the pH balance of the water and renders it less corrosive to pipes and other plumbing elements. Raising the cycles of concentration also saves a large amount of water, reducing utility costs.

ScaleBlaster decreases the corrosive elements in the water and this greatly extends the operating life of equipment. We also designed it to be environmentally friendly. Our product doesn’t add chemical substances into the water supply and also prevents the water waste that is required in traditional treatments. It reduces the equipment’s energy usage. Limescale buildup in pipes drastically decreases energy efficiency; even a quarter inch of buildup can increase energy consumption by up to 40%. Preventing the limescale deposits from forming dramatically improves energy efficiency, which is another aspect of environmental responsibility.