Analyzing the Industrial Hard Water Descaler

Analyzing the Industrial Hard Water Descaler

If you work in the industrial sector, hard water treatment options are definitely something to consider. Preventing hard water issues is important because they can go undetected for years. Seen or unseen problems with hard water end up costing time and money in the long run. When you consider the amount of money used to pump water through your piping systems, even a minor clog can result in efficiency problems that can negatively affect your bottom line.

Hard Water Scale Removal / Industrial Lime Scale Remover

Often times, hard water is the only option readily available.  You need something powerful enough to prevent hard water damage and able to perform hard water scale removal on your existing infrastructure. ScaleBlaster industrial water conditioner offers a proven and effective solution. Unlike salt and chemicals which are harmful to the environment, ScaleBlaster uses an inaudible signal which passes through coils over water piping from the reservoir. This causes the ions to collide with one another. The calcium crystals then grow until they become so large, there is no more surface charges left to stick to the pipe, or any other surface for that matter.

Industrial structures require sturdier options when it comes to water pipe descalers. Oil rigs, for instance, are in very extreme environments.  Cooling towers also require a more durable solution. ScaleBlaster offers a variety industrial models designed to fit your specific needs.

There are numerous benefits that come with choosing the ScaleBlaster water conditioning system including lower operational costs and environmental considerations. Simply put, you have the power to make your industrial facility more energy efficient while reducing maintenance costs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you combat problems with hard water.