Benefits of Using ScaleBlaster for Water Scale Removal in Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications - Benefits of Using ScaleBlaster for Water Scale Removal in Industrial Applications

Part One

ScaleBlaster is an extremely effective hard water scale remover and prevention solution for all types of industrial applications. Our next series of articles takes a look at why industries across the globe trust the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler:

Water Scale Removal

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a hard water scale remover. Any existing scale within the system is removed within weeks and never returns.

Less Chemicals

ScaleBlaster significantly reduces the need to use chemicals such as cooling tower biocide for the prevention of corrosion and scale.

Less Corrosion

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler allows for increased cycles of concentration which naturally and gently elevates the pH of the re-circulating water.  As a result, the water becomes less corrosive. ScaleBlaster controls scaling potentials, which lessens troublesome corrosive cell formations of calcium/iron deposits on the metal surfaces. It also helps control biofilm formation where bacteria can actively attack all metal surfaces.

Water Savings

Not only is ScaleBlaster effective when it comes to hard water scale removal and prevention, but it also helps conserve water. ScaleBlaster allows the conductivity levels to go higher which often results in being able to increase the cycles of concentration.

Controls Algae & Bacteria

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is effective in both lime scale removal and prevention. This essentially eliminates the breeding ground for algae and bacteria. The modified calcium crystals and higher cycles of concentration help to restrict algae and biofilm formations.

Our next article will cover more benefits the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler has when used in industrial applications. We have industrial specialists in both the U.S. and internationally who are available to answer your questions.  We encourage you to give the dealer nearest to you a call to learn more today.