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The Ultimate Limescale Eliminator

electronic descaler

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is considered the ultimate limescale eliminator.  The first ScaleBlaster model was released in 1995 and was the first electronic descaler in the world to actually perform as advertised. Many homeowners focus on how an electronic descaler prevents limescale from forming.  However, limescale elimination is just as important.

Many products claim to be a limescale eliminator.  However, most come with significant weaknesses or downfalls.  Let’s take a look at why the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is the industry gold standard in its performance as a limescale eliminator:


There are many products on the market that eliminate limescale by using harsh and toxic chemicals. The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is environmentally friendly and does not require salt or chemicals to operate.

Maintenance Free

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is a maintenance free product.  You simply install it and it will do all of the work for you.  There is no need to add chemicals or perform regular maintenance on the unit.


Probably one of the most attractive aspects of the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is that it is so affordable.  And, once you purchase a ScaleBlaster, not only will it prove to be an effective limescale eliminator, but it will also prevent new limescale from forming.

Bottom line, existing limescale can cause multiple problems throughout your home (read our article – How Hard Water Scale Removal Can Improve the Quality of Your Home.)

Are you ready to eliminate limescale from your home?  If so, it’s time to consider purchasing a ScaleBlaster electronic descaler.

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Helpful Tips to Stop Lime Scale Buildup

lime scale remover

Removing lime scale from your appliances is time consuming and costly. The best way to address lime scale is to prevent it.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only an effective lime scale remover, but it also stops lime scale buildup.

Lime scale is the direct result of hard water and it’s synonymous for leaving a white substance on fixtures and appliances such as coffee pots and dishwashers that utilize water. The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is designed to get rid of that pesky lime scale forever. Let’s look at some other common ways people deal with lime scale.

  • Water Filters – Some people use water filters as a lime scale prevention strategy. While water filters are excellent, they are not efficient in lime scale removal.
  • Lemon juice in vinegar – while this can be an effective lime scale remover, it cannot prevent new scale from forming.
  • Chemical lime scale remover – A chemical lime scale remover may be effective in removing lime scale buildup, but it cannot prevent it. And, how safe are those chemicals, anyway??

While there are products that address lime scale, the most comprehensive, cost-effective and safe method is incorporating an electronic water descaler. Lime scale removal and prevention will help extend the life of your pipes and appliances and keep them working properly, improve the effectiveness of soaps and detergents and make your laundry brighter, softer and whiter.  As an added bonus, ScaleBlaster may even help save a few dollars on your monthly electric bill!

Electronic descaler

How ScaleBlaster’s Commercial Electronic Water Descaler Saves You Money

Electronic descaler

Calcium breaks down into calcium carbonate and causes limescale to build up on your pipes, appliances and water cooling towers. Limescale buildup can cause clogs, corrosion and a shortened life for water cooling towers, machinery and appliances. A chemical limescale remover is a common solution, however, not only is it harmful to the environment, but it can cause damage over the long term.  If you want a safe and affordable solution for limescale removal and prevention, an electronic water descaler is your answer.  An electronic descaler will help prevent limescale buildup from negatively impacting your pipelines, water cooling towers, and other machinery and/or appliances.

Incorporating an electronic water descaler is important because limescale buildup can cause clogs that are almost impossible to address. When you have a buildup of limescale in your HVAC, water cooling tower or other machinery, it can have a negative effect on the overall lifespan and reduce efficiency. Limescale buildup can also cause corrosion, which weakens pipes and machinery, making them more susceptible to leaks and other malfunctions.

The ScaleBlaster is a proven electronic descaler that is available in commercial and industrial models.  Not only is ScaleBlaster effective in limescale removal, but it prevents limescale from forming all together. Best of all, the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler requires virtually no maintenance, is chemical free and environmentally friendly.

Chemical options for limescale removal and control include the use toxic chemicals to manage the amount of limescale within the pipes and water cooling towers. The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler uses no chemicals and instead works by sending electromagnetic signals through your water supply before it enters your building. These signals alter the chemical properties of calcium, preventing the calcium molecules from sticking to the sides of pipes, water cooling towers, machinery and appliances.

Contact a ScaleBlaster commercial dealer to learn more about how an electronic water descaler can work for you.

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Reasons to Use a Water Softener Alternative

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Hard water scale wreaks havoc on a home, affecting everything from the pipes, appliances and even the laundry. Addressing hard water scale sooner than later is always your best bet.  One of the most common ways for people to deal with hard water is to incorporate a water softener. However, water softeners come with a plethora of different problems.  Another affordable, reliable, safe, long-term solution is an electronic water descaler.  Let’s take a look at why an electronic descaler is an effective water softener alternative.

Safer to Use

Many homeowners choose an electronic descaler as a water softener alternative because they are so much safer for the family. Traditional water softeners use chemicals and salt.  Salt is not ideal for pets or people on salt restrictive diets.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only an effective lime scale remover when it comes to existing scale, but it does an excellent job at preventing lime scale all together.  Most importantly, it’s 100% chemical free!

Cost Effective

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is extremely affordable and cost effective.  Once you purchase the unit, you connect it to the incoming water line and you are done.  A water softener requires ongoing maintenance.  And, the cost of salt alone significantly adds up over time.  A water softener is also not as effective in lime scale removal as an electronic descaler.

If you are tired of hard water scale and are ready to get serious about lime scale removal and prevention, then ScaleBlaster is the answer for you. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler residential models are readily available at Home Depot (online and in stores) and Lowe’s (online).

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Hard Water Solutions for Home

lime scale removal

Many homeowners are unsure if they live in an area with hard water.  There are some classic signs of hard water you can watch for, including water that smells or tastes bad, clogged pipes, water heater continually failing, laundry not getting clean, rust like stains on toilets and sidewalks. Our U.S. Water Hardness Map can also help you determine the calcium hardness level of your water. Hard water, whether it comes from a municipal water system or well, causes damaging limescale.  Lime scale removal is important for hard water because when deposits start building up that is when problems arise.

Solving the Hard Water Problem

Treating hard water can be handled in numerous ways. However, some of the traditional hard water treatment options are not the most healthy or effective. Water softeners are popular when it comes to treating hard water, however, they are expensive to maintain. They also require salt, which is not ideal to people on a salt-restricted diet. It is also not the best option for pets.

Electronic Water Descaler

One of the most effective and safest products for lime scale removal is an electronic water descaler. An electronic descaler is not only efficient as a lime scale remover, but it also helps prevent new deposits from forming.  It is also inexpensive, eco-friendly and requires no maintenance.

ScaleBlaster was first electronic water descaler in the world to perform as advertised, with the first model being released in early 1995. Other companies have tried to copy our electronic descaler, but when it comes to lime scale removal, nothing compares to ScaleBlaster.  ScaleBlaster easily attaches to the main water pipe and uses a signal to cause calcium carbonate molecules to lose their adhesive properties.

Are you ready to stop using hard water?  If so, give one of our residential experts a call to learn more about how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler can work for you!

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What is Limescale?

limescale removal

Limescale is a pesky substance commonly caused by calcium carbonate and the calcium and magnesium mineral ions found in hard water.  Limescale typically presents as an off-white, chalky deposit.  It is most noticeable on shower heads, faucets and appliances that utilize water.  Not only does limescale look bad, but it can wreak havoc in your home.  Let’s take a look at some problems that can be prevented and/or remedied by an electronic descaler / limescale remover.

Clogged pipes and reduced water flow

Limescale removal is necessary when pipes begin to clog as a result of limescale buildup.  Excess buildup not only reduces water flow, but in extreme cases, can result in the need to replace the pipes.  A scale remover such as the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler not only works to remove existing limescale, but it also prevents new limescale from forming.

Inefficiency with appliances

Limescale buildup causes sudden water pressure changes and other problems that compromise the efficiency of appliances.  Using an electronic descaler for limescale removal will not only improve the efficiency of your appliances, but also extend their life.


Ugly stains on sinks, bathtubs, sidewalks and in toilets are often caused by limescale. These stains are generally very difficult to remove.  An electronic water descaler not only prevents new limescale from forming but it is very effective when it comes to limescale removal.

Many products that contain a limescale remover are harsh and harmful to both the environment and your health.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only eco-friendly, but it is maintenance free and provides a healthy, long-term solution to hard water and limescale removal problems.

Gift for Any Homeowner

ScaleBlaster –The Perfect Holiday Gift for Any Homeowner!

Gift for Any Homeowner

Looking for a practical yet affordable holiday gift for family and friends?  If so, we have the perfect solution any homeowner will appreciate.  The ScaleBlaster residential electronic descaler models (SB-75 and SB-Elite) can be purchased at online and in person at both Home Depot and Lowes.

Purchasing a ScaleBlaster means your family and/or friends will appreciate and remember you throughout the year.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of an electronic descaler/ limescale remover over the first three months:

Month One of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler

Limescale removal begins!  No new limescale will form and existing limescale will start to break down.  Soap will lather better.  Skin is smoother and hair is more manageable.  Much less soap scum on sinks, toilets and showers.

Month Two of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler

Since ScaleBlaster is also a scale remover, homeowners continue to see positive effects.  During month two of using an electronic descaler, expect to see hard scale deposits begin to dissolve back into the water as ScaleBlaster’s limescale remover qualities really start to take hold. Shower heads should no longer be limescale clogged, and black mold inside pipes, on shower curtains and in the toilet will be drastically reduced.

Month three of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler.

Appliances that utilize water, such as s washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine and water heater, will operate better.  Heating elements will last longer, water pressure is improved, and temperature of hot water may start to increase.  Also, be on the lookout for brighter and whiter clothes and sheets!

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for that difficult to buy for homeowner, look no further. Shop now!

Salt based Softeners and Sodium Content

Salt based Softeners and Sodium Content – Is it safe for you?

It has been questioned, “How much sodium actually ends up in your drinking water from a salt-based water softener?” It is important to remember that an article can be written with bias. Here are the facts below. You decide if it is acceptable by your dietary standards.

It depends on how hard your water is, which contradicts how much salt is used and then how much sodium is ultimately put into your water. To find out for sure what your sodium content is, you can ask your water company what your most current water hardness measurement was and use this equation- GPG X .46 = Sodium in water. (GPG = Grains per Gallon)- Make sure you use the GPG measurement in this equation. There are a few other measurements used, but they can be converted with an online calculator to GPG’s.

Just to estimate, the average amount of sodium expelled from a salt-based softener in an 8 oz. glass of water is 20-30 mg. of sodium. If you were to drink the recommended 64 oz. of water per day from your sink, you are consuming 160- 240 mg of sodium per day.  That’s the same sodium content as drinking 4-6, 12 oz. cans of soda in a day! It sounds like a lot when you think of it that way. Most will avoid soda when dieting because of sodium and sugar content. However, did you know that there is 204 mg. of sodium in a tablespoon of ketchup? Even more shocking is that there is 120 mg. of sodium in an 8 oz. glass of lowfat milk, and 211 mg. in one piece of whole wheat bread! These are things that most consume as a part of their healthy diet plan without much guilt. I had never paid a lot of attention to the sodium content in my ketchup or whole wheat bread before this research.

Another interesting fact is that the State of Missouri construction standard regulation 19 CSR 30-85.012(117) states that, “Water softeners, if used, shall be connected to the hot water supply only or connected so that water used for cooking and drinking is not softened.” Nursinghomehelp.org states that “the old-style water softening systems increased the salt content of the water connected to the device, which complicated (or had the potential to complicate) resident health issues”. An article written by a Culligan representative added a biased opinion without any direct statement taken from a health care professional, “It is unlikely that a physician would discourage anyone from drinking softened water”. It seems there is enough concern to make it a state statue to not allow it into the diet of the residents in nursing homes. The residents of nursing homes can have more compromised health than a young adult. Livescience.com states that “people with high blood pressure or diabetes, African Americans, and anyone who is age 51 or older, the daily recommendation is 1,500 milligrams of sodium”. A healthy young adult should consume no more than 2300 mg. a day.

Excess sodium in your diet can cause high blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in your body and puts added stress on your heart. High sodium levels in your diet increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease. And, 1 in 3 Americans will develop high blood pressure in their lifetime. Those are the facts. Eliminating sodium intake as much as possible, could not hurt. What do you think?




Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Hard water is a problem throughout the country (see our water hardness chart / water hardness map). When water percolates through limestone and chalk deposits, it picks up many calcium ions. This highly mineralized water is referred to as hard water.

Hard water is very destructive to plumbing infrastructure and can cause difficulties for any appliance or component that uses water. Lime scale buildup in pipes decreases the internal volume of the pipe, which, in turn, increases energy usage in heating elements. Hard water also contributes to lime scale and soap scum buildup in sinks, tubs, and even major appliances.

Clearwater Enviro Technologies is considered a pioneer in the industry.  Beware of companies attempting to emulate our tested and proven products, as most are inferior. ScaleBlaster has been a reliable, effective and eco-friendly electronic water descaler / water treatment system for nearly 30 years. ScaleBlaster was born to combat problems of traditional water softeners, which are bulky, wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and difficult to maintain. We’ve created an innovative product that is small, simple to install, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, efficient.

ScaleBlaster is truly a unique water treatment system. Instead of relying on harsh water softener chemicals, it uses an electric field. The oscillating frequency of the generated wave prevents calcium molecules from sticking to any surface, including other calcium molecules. This destroys existing lime scale buildup and prevents any new lime scale deposits from forming. It’s simple, but incredibly effective.

We’re confident in how ScaleBlaster stacks up against traditional water softeners. First and foremost, it’s effective. We’ve designed it to be a complete water treatment system that is safe for the environment. Water softeners release large concentrations of salt back into the water supply. ScaleBlaster does not. Traditional water softeners also waste over 6,000 gallons per year in standard operation.  No water is wasted with ScaleBlaster.

Learn more about ScaleBlaster can improve the quality of your water and home!

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Lime Descaler

Three Factors of Cooling Tower Water Quality

Clearwater Enviro Technologies offers specialized services for commercial and industrial cooling towers. Our nearly 30 years in the industry has provided us with the experience and expertise to develop systems designed to provide the best cooling tower water treatment options on the market.

Quality water that is free from organic and inorganic contaminants is essential for the optimal performance, efficiency and life cycle of any cooling system. The calcium hardness level of the water can significantly impact the overall function.  An electronic descaling system such as ScaleBlaster eliminates and controls lime scale, resulting in less corrosion, damage and downtime to repair and/or replace components.

Let’s look at the three main factors that affect cooling tower water quality:


The water hardness scale plays a significant role in water quality.  High calcium hardness levels mean that more impurities remain as pure water is evaporated. ScaleBlaster uses an oscillating electronic field to change the shape of the calcium molecules in the water and causing it to lose its ability to stick. This approach is highly effective at eliminating the risk of lime scale build up in the cooling tubes and on the heat exchange components.


Corrosion can wreak havoc on the pipes and internal cooling tower systems.  ScaleBlaster helps reduces the corrosive properties of the water while removing existing lime scale.

Algae and Bacteria

Algae and bacteria are very problematic. Controlling them is an important part of a cooling tower water treatment plan.  ScaleBlaster is extremely effective in controlling algae and bacteria.

Learn more about our industrial ScaleBlaster models.

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