The Difference the Descaling System Makes

One of the most researched topics of today regards water and the various conditions and states it appears in at times. For the most part, everyone wants to take advantage of soft water and eliminate the presence or overall existence of hard water. This has led to a great deal of discussion about the best methods for softening water and if the salt-free condition softeners actually help to soften the water. In essence, the salt-free softeners for water are descaling systems. These systems don’t work to make the water softer but instead, contributes to descaling the water. This Water Descaling System is utilized to prevent minerals from settling or clinging to the vinyl and pipes. Although this is an advantage to the water softener, the Water Descaler System doesn’t soften the water.

There are also Electronic Water Descaler systems that work essentially well and the decision to get one should be arrived at after careful determination of what would work best for you. If the overall goal is to simply get softer water, the descaler is not the component to accomplish this. However, there are essentials that you need that it will certainly deliver. Utilizing the descaling system will help reduce the build-up of minerals that could lead to appliance troubles or permanent breakdown of the equipment.

Advantages of Descaling Water Systems:

  • Installation costs of water descaling systems is a great deal less than water softener systems
  • Requires minimum amounts of maintenance for proper operation
  • Prevents periodic failure of pipes and other parts that the water passes through
  • Assists in keeping the essential minerals in the water

The Essentials of Professionally Treated Water

Water is one of our most widely utilized resources and works to provide some form of support or supply for almost 70% of our daily activities. There are an abundance of commercial entities that use water to provide various services to the public in massive amounts. One of the most important factors in this provision is that the water that is being cycled for use is healthy and clean for consumption, skin or environmental contact. There are a variety of ways that industries ensure that the water they are delivering for the support or services of certain activities or functions is of the purest form. In order to successfully accomplish this, there is an extreme need for the use of sophisticated water treatment elements and lime removal components as well.

Scale Blaster is a major supplier of sophisticatedly developed products that aim to maintain clean water efforts and remove traces of any unclean elements that may appear in the water. This is done through the use of specialized equipment and products that are specifically engineered to function in large industries where water is a key component of the provisions offered. Cooling Tower Water Treatment is ideal for asset life extension and the improvement of the efficiency of the transfer of heat on the cooling water system. In addition to the efficiency maintenance of the systems, the Cooling Tower Limescale Removal process is safe and very reliable for effective limescale removal.

Benefits of Water Treatment Products:

  • Helps to maintain an efficient water system for proper heat transfer during extensive operation
  • Contributes to preservation of the environment with careful management of water use
  • Reduces the overhead of operation costs

How to Deal with Hard Water at an Industrial Level

Individuals who are running an industrial organization and are looking for an effective way to deal with hard water before it turns into a problem should review the various treatment options that are available. There are many different types of industrial water treatment equipment available but they are not all universally effective, so it would be prudent to spend a few moments reviewing the various types to find the one that is going to best arrest this hard water issue.

Understanding the Risks Associated With Hard Water

There are many minerals inside water and one of the most common ones is calcium. While we need calcium for our bone development there are some potential drawbacks and one of the worst is the development of scale inside the pipes. This “scaling” builds up in the pipes and over an extended period of time will reduce the total amount of water that can flow through the pipes. Once the pipes are filled with these “scales” the risk of having the pipes rupture increase dramatically, which could cost a fortune to repair.

Safest Way to Deal with the Hard Water

The only proper way to deal with the hard water problem is by using technology. In the past companies would need to either use chemicals or filters to deal with the hard water but now there is an electrical option. An electric current is passed through a coil, which creates a magnetic field. This field will polarize the calcium atoms and prevent them from being deposited in the pipes. By applying this current, the risk of new deposits forming is greatly reduced but this does not remove the scales that have already built up in the pipes.

When reviewing the different industrial water treatment equipment options that are available, look for an organization that has been doing this type of work for a considerable number of years. The longer these organizations have been in operation the more experience they should have but it would be prudent to read over the comments made by people who have dealt with the organization before making any decisions on whom to do business with. Along with the price of the industrial water treatment equipment, there is also a need to install the equipment which is something that should be addressed before making a final decision on which system to buy and which to avoid at all costs.

Individuals who are looking for a way to extend the life of their cooling tower should test their water to make sure it is not causing problems. Water with high levels of calcium can lead to corrosion and the buildup of “scales” inside the pipes. As this scaling increases, it will clog the pipes and damage the cooling elements inside the tower. Property owners need to take decisive action if they want to properly deal with this problem before it escalates.

Proper Ways to Address Hard Water

The only way an individual can address these hard water challenges is to install a cooling tower water treatment system that is specifically designed to handle calcium. Start by listing all of the systems that are designed for industrial applications. Once the individual has identified the solutions that are designed for industrial applications the next step is to assess each of these systems in detail to try and pick the one that is going to provide the best possible results.

Things to Consider When Reviewing Water Treatment Solutions

There are many things an individual will need to do before making a final decision on which cooling tower water treatment system is best suited for their needs. Start by looking at how much water the system will need to treat on a daily basis. After the total volume of treated water has been addressed, the next step is to find out which of these units has received the largest number of positive comments from individuals who are actively using the system. To collect this information the individual will need to look for testimonials made by people who are using the water treatment system and have been for a few years. Once the most popular model has been identified, the next step is looking for the vendor with the most competitive pricing.

When sourcing for the retailer with the lowest priced cooling tower water treatment system, it would be prudent to look for the vendor with the lowest overall pricing. In order to get the best pricing the consumer needs to find out whether the listed price factors in the installation of the water treatment system or is that a separate cost that has to be absorbed by the buyer. With this water treatment, solution in place the consumer should be able to save some money while reducing the risk of a critical system failure due to hard water.

3 Things to Consider Before Installing Hard Water Solutions for Home

A recent US geological survey revealed that hard water is found in over 85% of homes across our country. With statistics like these, it’s no question that the vast majority of us have had to deal with hard water at some time in our lives. From faucets encrusted in hard white gunk to dingy clothes and less than fabulous hair, hard water can make our lives more difficult. This is why we at ScaleBlaster have created hard water solutions for home, but before you jump ship and choose to soften your water, there are some considerations to be made.

1. The Initial Cost of the Water Softening Unit
In some instances, the cost of the unit may not outweigh the problems that hard water in the home creates. Our company has created a selection of different hard water solutions for home and for commercial and industrial applications so that each individual or business can be completely catered to. Best of all, they not only treat your water. Our systems are also able to remove scale buildup in equipment and pipes, which saves you time and stress in the long run.

2. Salt Consumption
In a world where we already consume too much salt, one obvious concern when seeking hard water solutions for the home is the increased salt consumption. The majority of water softening solutions does include some form of salt which will then also enter your waterways. However, our innovative solution here at ScaleBlaster involves no salt and no chemicals whatsoever.

Our unique design allows us to soften your water by creating an oscillating electronic field. The frequency created by our devices is able to alter the size, shape and charge of the calcium molecules that are responsible for hard water and lime scale, and forces them to lose their adhesion. This allows the unwanted calcium to flow out and be removed without any negative impact on your health.

3. Maintenance Needs
Traditional water softening solutions require a lot of maintenance, and that maintenance likely needs to be conducted by a trained professional. Not only does that take time away from your life, but it forces individuals to continuously spend more money on the product.

At ScaleBlaster, we say “goodbye” to the regular fees and upkeep. The systems that we offer to our customers could not be simpler. They require no maintenance and are able to continue performing at peak efficiency for an extended period of time. There is no waste (harmful to the environment), no regular maintenance (harmful to your pocketbook) and no need to make appointments with us (harmful to your schedule). It could not be easier to enjoy soft water.

Why an Alternative to Water Softeners with Salt Is Essential

Hard water can wreak havoc on your life. From spotty dishes to bathtub rings to sad, dull hair, those who have hard water know just how much of a hassle it can be. The solution up until recently has been saltwater systems, but we at ScaleBlaster have created a solution which greatly eliminates many of the concerns that come with this form of water softening. Below are just a few of the reasons why we encourage our customers and loved ones to seek an alternative to water softeners which involve salt or any chemicals:

Salt Water Systems Waste Water

In a time when droughts are incredibly common and water conservation is paramount, we do not need any systems that are going to waste this one precious resource. Water softeners that use salt are notorious water wasters. Yes, they are incredibly convenient but they will force you to use more water in the long run.

  • Salt in the soil makes it compacted, meaning that it is not able to absorb enough water and that the water will drain more quickly than on porous soil. This means you will need to spend more time watering your lawn, your vegetables, and your other plants to get the same great results.
  • The salt will eventually need to be leached from the soil, meaning it will need to be flooded to reach the salt which has shaken deep down into the dirt. This also washes away much-needed nutrients from the soil which will have a negative effect on your plants.
  • Individuals are recommended to not drink water softened through salt systems. This means you will need to either purchase a reverse osmosis unit or purchase water to drink at the grocery store.

Salt Water Systems Are Slowly Killing the Environment

The effects of using water softened by salt around the home and in your garden won’t be seen at first. But what homeowners and eco-conscious individuals must realize is that the salt contained in this water will build up over time in the soil. This will ultimately force your plants to die of thirst (this is particularly true if you happen to live in an area with little rainfall).

We advise our customers who suspect their foliage may be dying because of salt in the soil to take a look at the leaves. If there are yellow tips in the end that is a sign of “salt” stress. Some may also have an actual white’ish ring of salt around the tip. If this is happening in your garden, it is time to seek an alternative to water softeners that rely on salt.

Why Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Is Critical to Industrial Function

Cooling tower limescale removal is something that you should expect to encounter if you have an industrial or commercial company that makes use of a cooling tower. Some industries most frequently using cooling towers for business include the paper, chemical, and oil refining industries. Proper limescale removal and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your cooling tower and also prevent negative side effects. To achieve limescale removal, you have two basic options, chemical treatments or our eco-friendly solutions.

Why Limescale Removal Is Important

Cooling tower limescale removal is important because of the effects that limescale buildup within your cooling tower unit may cause; a decrease in efficiency and corrosion within your cooling tower. Over time, calcium-rich water sources cause calcium carbonate to accumulate on the sides of your piping and cooling tower. This is known as limescale buildup.

Limescale buildup can decrease the efficiency of your water-cooling tower by 70%. When your cooling tower is not operating efficiently, it can take a toll on other business operations, especially if you use the cooling tower for frequently used machines in your building. Cooling tower limescale removal is also important because limescale can cause corrosion. This corrosion eats away at pipes and the inside of your cooling tower, making leaks and other damages much more likely. Luckily, you can easily and affordably combat limescale buildup with our electronic descaling device, ScaleBlaster that is safe, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly.

Options for Treatment

There are the two categorizations of treatments suggested for cooling tower limescale removal: chemical, and eco-friendly. Some common chemical treatments include the use of toxic chemicals, expensive salt-free conditions, or harmful water softeners. The reason some of these treatments are so toxic is because they encourage the release of chlorides into the environment. In addition to being harsh on the environment, these methods are high maintenance and very expensive to continue over the lifetime of your cooling tower.

A more eco-friendly method for cooling tower limescale removal is electronic descalers such as ScaleBlaster. Our electronic descaler works by sending electromagnetic waves through your water supply. These electromagnetic waves change the property of calcium molecules to prevent them from sticking to your pipes and appliances. Over the course of use, this also removes existing limescale from your water cooler and pipelines.

The electronic descalers we offer are not just better for the environment. They also offer other benefits such as cost efficiency and low maintenance. While the initial purchase price of electronic descalers for cooling tower limescale removal is greater than that of water softeners and chemicals, its cost over a lifetime is far less expensive. Electronic descalers are also low maintenance. You already must have routine inspection to your cooling tower unit twice yearly. Why should you add additional maintenance to put the chemicals and heavy bags of water softener into your system? Electronic descalers take all of the hassle out of your cooling tower limescale removal plan.

Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

While hard water is not bad for your health, it can wreak havoc on the internal parts of water cooling towers, large and small appliances, and even your pipelines. Hard water contains calcium that is naturally found in the water supply of some cities. This calcium molecules breakdown into calcium carbonate, which sticks to the internal parts of pipelines, appliances, and water cooling towers. These calcium deposits are known as limescale. Managing limescale is critical to prevention of corrosion, improvement of cooling tower and appliance efficiency, and reducing the risk of clogs in your pipelines. Two common options for hard water treatment include salt free water conditioners and our electronic descaling equipment, ScaleBlaster lime scale remover.

Salt Free Water Conditioners

There is some disagreement about the effectiveness of salt free water conditioners. It is the salt in hard water treatments that effectively manages that calcium levels in your water. While conditioners work to reduce the hardness levels in your water, they do not eliminate it. This is the reason it is often sold under the phrase “hardness inhibitor” or “anti-scaling.” It can effectively reduce the hardness of your water by up to 90%. However, this 90% is not enough to remove the any of the existing limescale buildup. This is a crucial area where our electronic descaler and salt free water conditioners differ.

There are some benefits to salt free water conditioners. They do effectively prevent the buildup of calcium that causes limescale in your pipelines, water cooling towers, and large and small appliances. They also effectively remove odors, sediment, and select chemicals from your water supply. However, the long-term benefits of water softeners are not seen when using salt free water conditioners. While they may be better for the environment, they are not necessarily quite as effective.

Electronic Descalers

Electronic descalers such as ScaleBlaster work by using electromagnetic waves to treat hard water. The frequencies of the waves that pass through your water supply change the physical size and shape of calcium molecules, as well as their chemical properties. Our technology allows this alteration to prevent calcium molecules from sticking to the sides of your appliances, pipelines, or water-cooling tower.

Our electronic descaler effectively treats water hardness long-term by changing the chemical and physical properties of calcium that causes hard water. Overtime, the breakdown of calcium molecules causes a lower level of hardness saturation in your water supply. Once the saturation level is lowered, electronic descalers are able to reduce and eventually eliminate the existing limescale deposits found in your pipes, water-cooling tower, and appliances. This differs from salt free water conditioners because while conditioners can remove up to 90% of hardness, they cannot effectively eliminate existing limescale buildup.

Remove Lime Scale Buildup with an Industrial Descaler

There are a number of applications for an industrial descaler, including cleaning fouled heat exchanger tubes, on-demand tankless water heaters, condensing boilers, plumbing lines, and more. The fact is that products such as Scale Blaster offer options that work for residential as well as industrial purposes. This makes it extremely flexible and versatile ensuring that no matter your specific need, it will be met with this product.

Why an Industrial Descaler is the Best Option for Buildup

There are a number of different types of equipment that can benefit from industrial descalers. Tankless and tanked water heaters, as well as heat exchangers, need a descaling flush in order to maintain superior performance. Scale Blaster will make descaling any type of fouled heat exchanger easy and fast. You can forget having to use the harsh hydrochloric acids or the white vinegar, you will be able to remove the scale buildup in just minutes, rather than hours, when you use a product that is designed specifically for this task. This makes it extremely beneficial, especially in instances when you need the equipment to be back up and running soon, to prevent downtime which could hurt your bottom line.

Installation of Industrial Descaler Products

The installation for the industrial descaler, Scale Blaster, is fairly simple and something that will not take additional workers or staff. When it has been installed properly, the descaler will remove the lime scale from your equipment in just a few minutes. In fact, you will be able to see the effects right away. This product will work to eliminate scale, in addition to a number of other substances, including calcium, lithium carbonate and rust. This will also help to return the heater to superior efficiency in a matter of just a few minutes.

How to Choose an Industrial Descaler

There are a number of different products that are considered industrial descalers. It is important to select one that has a reputation for success, such as Scale Blaster. This product has a proven track record of success and effectiveness, ensuring that it will work for your needs. No matter if you need lime scale reduction at your home or your industrial business, using this product will ensure success.

When you first begin looking for an industrial descaler for your equipment, be sure that you consider your specific needs. The fact is that not all products are created equally. This means that you need to find the one that is right for your specific needs. The good news is that Scale Blaster, no matter your equipment or your needs, can provide great results.

Things to Consider When Buying a Water Descaling System

Living in a home that has hard water can be a very frustrating and potentially dangerous situation for you and your family. The longer you leave your hard water problem unattended, the more damage it can do to your plumbing and home appliances. The only way to get rid of hard water is by getting a water softener and a Water Descaling System. The descaling system helps to remove and reduce the amount of lime scale build up that you have. The following are a few things to consider when choosing a water descaling system.


The first thing that you need to think about when buying a descaling system is how effective it will be in your home. You can find this out by speaking with a knowledgeable professional in the industry and checking out reviews that are posted online. The more you know about what you are buying, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision. There are many different systems on the market, which means that you have to do some research in order to choose the right one for your home and the situation that you have.

The Maintenance

Another very important thing that you need to consider when choosing a water descaling system is the amount of maintenance that it will require. Most homeowners have enough to worry about and they do not want to have a descaling system that requires in depth maintenance on a regular basis. You need to speak with a professional in the industry to see which system is the best fit for your maintenance needs and experience. They will be able to assess your level of experience with these types of systems and then recommend the right one for you.

Cost Is Important

Another very important thing to consider when choosing a water descaling system is the cost of the system you are considering. For many homeowners on a budget, price is one of the determining factors they look for when buying a descaling system. You need to make sure that the system you are buying is quality because by a cheap ineffective system will not do you any good.

Using these steps will allow you to find the water descaling system that you need. Be sure that you find a reputable supplier to buy from because this is a vital part of getting what you need.

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