lime scale remover

Helpful Tips to Stop Lime Scale Buildup

lime scale remover

Removing lime scale from your appliances is time consuming and costly. The best way to address lime scale is to prevent it.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only an effective lime scale remover, but it also stops lime scale buildup.

Lime scale is the direct result of hard water and it’s synonymous for leaving a white substance on fixtures and appliances such as coffee pots and dishwashers that utilize water. The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is designed to get rid of that pesky lime scale forever. Let’s look at some other common ways people deal with lime scale.

  • Water Filters – Some people use water filters as a lime scale prevention strategy. While water filters are excellent, they are not efficient in lime scale removal.
  • Lemon juice in vinegar – while this can be an effective lime scale remover, it cannot prevent new scale from forming.
  • Chemical lime scale remover – A chemical lime scale remover may be effective in removing lime scale buildup, but it cannot prevent it. And, how safe are those chemicals, anyway??

While there are products that address lime scale, the most comprehensive, cost-effective and safe method is incorporating an electronic water descaler. Lime scale removal and prevention will help extend the life of your pipes and appliances and keep them working properly, improve the effectiveness of soaps and detergents and make your laundry brighter, softer and whiter.  As an added bonus, ScaleBlaster may even help save a few dollars on your monthly electric bill!

limescale removal

What is Limescale?

limescale removal

Limescale is a pesky substance commonly caused by calcium carbonate and the calcium and magnesium mineral ions found in hard water.  Limescale typically presents as an off-white, chalky deposit.  It is most noticeable on shower heads, faucets and appliances that utilize water.  Not only does limescale look bad, but it can wreak havoc in your home.  Let’s take a look at some problems that can be prevented and/or remedied by an electronic descaler / limescale remover.

Clogged pipes and reduced water flow

Limescale removal is necessary when pipes begin to clog as a result of limescale buildup.  Excess buildup not only reduces water flow, but in extreme cases, can result in the need to replace the pipes.  A scale remover such as the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler not only works to remove existing limescale, but it also prevents new limescale from forming.

Inefficiency with appliances

Limescale buildup causes sudden water pressure changes and other problems that compromise the efficiency of appliances.  Using an electronic descaler for limescale removal will not only improve the efficiency of your appliances, but also extend their life.


Ugly stains on sinks, bathtubs, sidewalks and in toilets are often caused by limescale. These stains are generally very difficult to remove.  An electronic water descaler not only prevents new limescale from forming but it is very effective when it comes to limescale removal.

Many products that contain a limescale remover are harsh and harmful to both the environment and your health.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only eco-friendly, but it is maintenance free and provides a healthy, long-term solution to hard water and limescale removal problems.

Gift for Any Homeowner

ScaleBlaster –The Perfect Holiday Gift for Any Homeowner!

Gift for Any Homeowner

Looking for a practical yet affordable holiday gift for family and friends?  If so, we have the perfect solution any homeowner will appreciate.  The ScaleBlaster residential electronic descaler models (SB-75 and SB-Elite) can be purchased at online and in person at both Home Depot and Lowes.

Purchasing a ScaleBlaster means your family and/or friends will appreciate and remember you throughout the year.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of an electronic descaler/ limescale remover over the first three months:

Month One of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler

Limescale removal begins!  No new limescale will form and existing limescale will start to break down.  Soap will lather better.  Skin is smoother and hair is more manageable.  Much less soap scum on sinks, toilets and showers.

Month Two of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler

Since ScaleBlaster is also a scale remover, homeowners continue to see positive effects.  During month two of using an electronic descaler, expect to see hard scale deposits begin to dissolve back into the water as ScaleBlaster’s limescale remover qualities really start to take hold. Shower heads should no longer be limescale clogged, and black mold inside pipes, on shower curtains and in the toilet will be drastically reduced.

Month three of Using the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler.

Appliances that utilize water, such as s washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine and water heater, will operate better.  Heating elements will last longer, water pressure is improved, and temperature of hot water may start to increase.  Also, be on the lookout for brighter and whiter clothes and sheets!

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for that difficult to buy for homeowner, look no further. Shop now!

How to Prevent Limescale by Treating Hard Water in Your Home

How to Prevent Limescale by Treating Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water is caused in part by calcium deposits. As calcium travels, its ions break down and stick to the insides of pipes, shower fixtures, large appliances, and anything the water touches. This causes limescale buildup which can negatively impact the internal parts of your appliances, pipes, and water systems. Luckily, we offer an eco-friendly, hard water descaling product that not only helps with hard water scale prevention, but removal as well. ScaleBlaster – the industry’s preferred hard water descaler – is easy to install and available worldwide.

It’s important to consider the ScaleBlaster hard water descaling system because hard water wreaks havoc on the pipes and large appliances in your home. When hard water enters these areas, it causes limescale buildup that can shorten the lives of pipes and appliances, cause clogs, and stain kettles, bathtubs, and sinks. Hard water scale prevention will save you time and money in the long run.

Do I Have Hard Water?

If you are on a well, or use city water, chances are you do have hard water.  There are some easy ways to determine the extent of its hardness.  One way is to simply look at your faucets and showerheads.  Do you see any white residue?  You can also go to your local pool supply store and purchase a hard water testing kit.  And, if you are on city water, you can request a hard water report. Some municipalities even post these reports on their websites.

Hard Water Treatment Options

There are both chemical and eco-friendly ways to handle hard water prevention. Some treatment options use toxic chemicals and water softeners, which release chlorides into water. These can be harmful to the environment.  And, if you already have a limescale problem, they are not as effective when it comes to hard water scale removal.

Hard water descaling systems such as ScaleBlaster are very eco-friendly and effective in both hard water scale removal and prevention. In addition to their ability to prevent limescale, ScaleBlaster eliminates limescale in your pipes by using electromagnetic waves that alter calcium molecules, in size, shape, and charge. The changes make the molecules lose their adhesive property to prevent limescale buildup and lower the saturation level of hard water.

Want to eliminate hard water problems?  Contact us today!

Cooling Tower Limescale Removal

Considering Cooling Tower Limescale Removal?

Cooling towers experience limescale buildup because as water is re-used, pure water evaporates leaving behind impurities. Limescale removal is important because the buildup can result in less efficiency and eventually corrosion.  Cooling tower biocides are commonly used to help combat limescale and other problems that result. However, these are very costly and use harmful chemicals which are not eco-friendly.

Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Without Harmful Chemicals

Ideally, you need a limescale removal system that is environmentally friendly. An electronic water conditioner operates using oscillating electronic fields that change the charge, size and shape of the calcium molecule. The surface tension of the water is decreased, which removes existing scale and prevents new limescale from forming.

Water Conditioners Do Not Require Constant Maintenance

Your cooling tower already requires ongoing maintenance. Why add to the list? A water conditioning system such as ScaleBlaster is easy to install and requires no regular check-ups.

Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

The cooling tower is an important part of your infrastructure. Don’t let the pipes corrode or lessen the efficiency of your system. ScaleBlaster electronic water conditioner is an inexpensive option to help prevent the costly effects of limescale buildup. We have authorized dealers throughout the United States and internationally who are well-versed in helping companies determine the best ScaleBlaster water conditioner model to fit their needs.

Cooling Systems Industrial

Why Cooling Systems Require Regular Descaling

Industrial equipment relies on cooling systems to ensure proper temperatures are maintained.  However, when hard water scale builds up, it can hinder proper functioning of the system.  An electronic water conditioner system can prevent hard water damage.  A water conditioner is a form of hard water treatment in that it prevents hard water damage by sending an inaudible signal through the pipe which causes turbulence in the water molecules and ion exchange in mineral atoms.  Crystals are unable to adhere to any surface; thus hard scale cannot form. As a result, existing scale not only goes away, it never returns again.

Since most cooling systems use water as the main coolant, a water conditioner is important for limescale removal and prevention.  Electronic water conditioner systems are effective when it comes to limescale removal and are used in industrial applications to prevent the degradation of expensive cooling systems.

Cooling towers also rely on industrial water conditioner systems for limescale removal and prevention.  Cooling towers re-use water, causing pure water to be evaporated.  As a result, many impurities, including limescale, remain. A water conditioner stabilizes the PH of the circulating water, thus preventing corrosion, controlling algae and bacteria and removing existing limescale.

When you consider the cost of damage that can occur to cooling systems and cooling towers, a water conditioner is an inexpensive option. The ScaleBlaster water conditioning system is a respected and proven limescale remover for industrial applications.  Best of all, it also preserves the integrity of your equipment by preventing new scale from forming.  Contact one of ScaleBlaster’s industrial dealers / specialists to learn more. We work with industries throughout the United States and abroad.

Industrial Water Limescale Removal

Trends in Industrial Water Limescale Removal

Industrial facilities are especially prone to the negative effects of limescale deposits. Over time, limescale compromises the efficiency of operations and even causes damage to existing infrastructure.  It is crucial to assess whether your piping already has limescale buildup to prevent further issues and damage.  Some “symptoms” of excessive limescale buildup include:

  1. Higher Electricity Bills

Are your power bills are running higher? Clogged pipes cause the water to flow slower, thus requiring more energy to operate.

  1. Reduced Efficiency

If you notice reduced production, it’s time to check whether blocked water pipes could be a contributing factor.

Industrial water limescale removal traditionally utilizes acids and harsh chemicals that pollute the environment.  Some of these solutions are banned in certain regions. An electronic water descaler offers a simple, affordable and eco-friendly solution to your industrial water problems.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water conditioner uses a signal cable to deliver frequencies from a computerized control box.  These cause ions to collide with each other.  Calcium crystal grow until there are no more surface charges left to stick to the walls of the pipe, or any other surface for that matter. No harsh chemicals, no maintenance, no salt, no filters.  It’s really that simple!

Electronic descaling systems have been hailed as an answer to industrial descaling because it not only protects the environment, but also works with minimal efficiency. And, let’s not forget the fact that they are affordable and do not require costly ongoing maintenance.

Looking for reliable limescale prevention and removal?  ScaleBlaster offers a variety of industrial models to suit the specific needs of your plant.  Contact one of our industrial specialists to learn more. We have experienced dealers throughout the United States and abroad.


International Dealers

Combating Lime Scale Worldwide!

We are proud to offer ScaleBlaster to customers across the globe.  In addition to the translation feature on our website, we will also be offering web pages in various languages.  Our Spanish page went live a few month ago…check it out:

People, business owners and industries worldwide choose ScaleBlaster because it is a healthy, safe, salt free water conditioner.  It not only prevents lime scale formation, but it also rids pipes of existing buildup as it functions as an electronic scale remover and water pipe descaler.

El Rollo Water Park in Mexico is a success story that makes us especially proud.  Ell Rollo is the largest water park in Latin America (10th largest in the world), located in what is considered the “Waterpark Capital of the World” – Tlaquiltenango, Mexico. It draws tens of thousands of visitors from Mexico City and other nearby areas. El Rollo has installed both ScaleBlaster and MineralPure on their swimming pools.  As a result, they have experienced a substantial savings on both chlorine and maintenance costs.

Mario H. Medina Jacono, Director of Operations, sent us this very kind letter (translated into English):

“I strongly recommend the ionizations system and ScaleBlaster. I cCompliment the company Clearwater Enviro Technologies.  This product has given great results after installation by removing all calcium deposits and lowering chlorine use.”

If you live outside of the United States, we have numerous international dealers waiting to assist you. Once you purchase an electronic scale remover such as ScaleBlaster, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


Preventing Lime Scale Buildup at Home

Preventing Lime Scale Buildup at Home

Removing lime scale from appliances is not only time consuming, but it can be very costly. Preventing lime scale buildup is much more economical than actually removing the lime scale. Lime scale buildup occurs because of hard water or well water.  You will know you have lime scale buildup when you start to see a white substance develop on appliances which use hard water such as coffee makers, dishwashers and washing machines. Let’s look at some water pipe descaler and hard water scale remover options:

Water Softeners

Water softeners work by bonding together with elements that make water hard. The downside of water softeners is they require salt to function. The salt is deposited in the water used for drinking, cleaning and bathing. People on salt restricted diets should be aware of this before consuming water softened by a water softener.  Water softeners can be expensive to purchase and maintain, require a lot of regular maintenance, result in increased water and sewer bills and discharge chlorides into waste stream.

Electronic Water Descaler

Using a water softener alternative such an electronic water descaler – also known as an electronic water conditioner – is the safest, most economical way to tackle hard water problems. ScaleBlaster is an example of a salt free water conditioner that can be easily installed on the incoming water pipe of your home. If you already have buildup, ScaleBlaster is an effective hard water scale remover, as it works to both remove and prevent lime scale. It is also an excellent water pipe descaler.

Many people are torn between whether a water softener or a salt-free water conditioner such as ScaleBlaster is the more effective and economical. ScaleBlaster acts as a water pipe descaler and hard water scale remover, requires no chemical and is maintenance free.  Review this comparison chart to see how ScaleBlaster compares to traditional water softeners.

Keeping Your Decorative Fountains Scale-Free

Keeping Your Decorative Fountains Scale-Free

Hard water can wreak havoc on decorative fountains.  Over time, lime scale buildup can clog hoses and filters, causing water flow issues. Lime scale deposits can also become a visual eyesore, thus defeating the purpose of having the fountain in the first place.  Decorative fountains are not just found on commercial properties. Many homeowners choose to incorporate these beautiful fountains in their yards and areas around the swimming pool, often unaware of the true cost of cleaning and maintenance, which can often exceed hundreds of dollars a month.

How many times have you seen a “dry” fountain – one that is no longer flowing with water?  If you pay attention, it happens more than you think.  Homeowners and businesses invest in fountains to beautify their home or commercial space, only to find out it is too costly to maintain.  This is where ScaleBlaster can help.  Simply install ScaleBlaster on the incoming water line and it will not only begin breaking down the lime scale and calcium deposits already there, but it will prevent new scale from forming. A small investment in ScaleBlaster can help preserve the integrity and beauty of your decorative fountain.

Read this success story about how one Florida company uses ScaleBlaster to save on monthly maintenance.

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