Hard Water Soap Lather

Do You Suspect You Have a Lime Scale Problem?

If you have recently peeked at the inside of your kettle or taps, chances are that you have spotted some off-white, stony and tough crust. This is lime scale, a deposit from hard water. Hard water contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals accumulated as the water runs over spongy, soft rocks, like chalk or limestone.

Is it a problem?

Hard water itself is not a problem. In fact, people have been enjoying some of its healing effects for years. However, the water does have other not-so-pleasant side-effects.

Hard water is more difficult to do your washing in since soap does not lather well and may leave some scum at the bottom of surfaces. Some detergents are also less effective and your clothes or utensils end up looking dull over time. To the sensitive skin, hard water can cause irritation and dryness.

The biggest problem is that once heated past 55 degrees centigrade or left out to stand, the chemicals in hard water solidify. These solidified mass are what create lime scale that covers your hard surfaces and taps at home with that unsightly layer that is difficult to remove.

These visible effects are nothing compared to what you cannot see. A significant amount of the dissolved minerals in hard water stay in the pipes and eventually clog them up. The lime scale will also coat heating elements, washing machines and dishwasher, making them even less energy efficient. This could waste a huge amount of energy each year. It is also likely to cause your heating appliances burning themselves out much faster than expected.

How do you treat lime scale?

A majority of American homes are already supplied with hard water. In fact, 90 percent of American homes deal with hard water problems according to Scale Blaster. Fortunately, there are several ways you can deal with it.

  • Water softening – This is the most common methodology of dealing with hard water. The process involves swapping out the calcium – forming lime scale- for sodium that will stay dissolved. Before water enters in to your home’s water supply, it passes through a unit that does the treatment.
  • Lime scale remover – If you already have a lime scale problem, the remover is a special agent for removing it from all areas in your home and garden leaving them clear and clean.

At Scale Blaster, we offer you sustainable products that employ up-to-date technology. Our products ensure that you get rid of all your hard water problems without taking out the important minerals at the source – your home’s main water supply unit. Our hard water salt less softeners and lime scale removers are aimed at protecting the environment while offering you a water supply that supports your goal towards a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.

Try Scaleblaster for Lime Scale Removal Problems

Fresh water is an indispensable means of daily existence and must be available at all times. There are many ways of treating brackish or hard water to purify it and make it more drinkable. Some people use chemicals and expensive water-treatment gadgets to soften water for regular use while others simply prefer to buy water for regular consumption. For those of us who do not like to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their water purifiers, our Scaleblaster products offer just what you’re looking for. Using new and improved lime scale removal technology, we have the appropriate product for every water purification need.

How it Works

Our Scaleblaster purifiers are revolutionary products that clean the water supply by using the latest technological innovations. They are fully automated and computerized and work on frequency waves. By generating an oscillating electronic field, the purifier reconfigures the molecular structure of dissolved calcium carbonate in brackish water. Scaleblaster renders water clean and drinkable by causing the calcium molecules to lose their adhesive property. Using our latest technology, you will not only be able to get rid of any existing lime scale from your pipelines, but you can also rest assured that you will not be affected by water problems in the future.

By lowering the saturation level of hard water, Scaleblaster does not only ensure lime deposits that have built up in your water pipes but also prevents future depositions. While conventional methods of water softening often involve discharging large quantities of salt into the environment as a by-product, we made our lime scale removal technology eco-friendly. Scaleblaster ensures that you won’t compromise the delicate balance of Nature by discharging harmful waste materials into water streams.

All-Purpose Water Treatment

Besides being cost-effective and user-friendly, we offer Scaleblaster in a range of different shapes and sizes, taking several types of water requirements into consideration. With its wide range of models, Scaleblaster can be used to treat lime deposit problems of a larger scale as well.

You can choose from a variety of Scaleblaster systems, designed for residential use as well as commercial and industrial purposes. Try Scaleblaster on a commercial level and say goodbye to added labor cost and biocide chemicals.
Scaleblaster requires only a one-time investment and little to no maintenance. Installing Scaleblaster as your water purification system means the end of any problems concerning bacteria and algae growth in your water pipes.

Order Online

Ordering our Scaleblaster lime scale removal systems for your home is easy. Simply place an order online, where you can even get yourself registered for warranty on your purchased model. If you like to see a system before you guy it, we work with a large number of dealers around the U.S. and Canada, including Home Depot. Get Scaleblaster for your home and solve your water problems today.

The Difference the Descaling System Makes

One of the most researched topics of today regards water and the various conditions and states it appears in at times. For the most part, everyone wants to take advantage of soft water and eliminate the presence or overall existence of hard water. This has led to a great deal of discussion about the best methods for softening water and if the salt-free condition softeners actually help to soften the water. In essence, the salt-free softeners for water are descaling systems. These systems don’t work to make the water softer but instead, contributes to descaling the water. This Water Descaling System is utilized to prevent minerals from settling or clinging to the vinyl and pipes. Although this is an advantage to the water softener, the Water Descaler System doesn’t soften the water.

There are also Electronic Water Descaler systems that work essentially well and the decision to get one should be arrived at after careful determination of what would work best for you. If the overall goal is to simply get softer water, the descaler is not the component to accomplish this. However, there are essentials that you need that it will certainly deliver. Utilizing the descaling system will help reduce the build-up of minerals that could lead to appliance troubles or permanent breakdown of the equipment.

Advantages of Descaling Water Systems:

  • Installation costs of water descaling systems is a great deal less than water softener systems
  • Requires minimum amounts of maintenance for proper operation
  • Prevents periodic failure of pipes and other parts that the water passes through
  • Assists in keeping the essential minerals in the water

Why Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Is Critical to Industrial Function

Cooling tower limescale removal is something that you should expect to encounter if you have an industrial or commercial company that makes use of a cooling tower. Some industries most frequently using cooling towers for business include the paper, chemical, and oil refining industries. Proper limescale removal and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your cooling tower and also prevent negative side effects. To achieve limescale removal, you have two basic options, chemical treatments or our eco-friendly solutions.

Why Limescale Removal Is Important

Cooling tower limescale removal is important because of the effects that limescale buildup within your cooling tower unit may cause; a decrease in efficiency and corrosion within your cooling tower. Over time, calcium-rich water sources cause calcium carbonate to accumulate on the sides of your piping and cooling tower. This is known as limescale buildup.

Limescale buildup can decrease the efficiency of your water-cooling tower by 70%. When your cooling tower is not operating efficiently, it can take a toll on other business operations, especially if you use the cooling tower for frequently used machines in your building. Cooling tower limescale removal is also important because limescale can cause corrosion. This corrosion eats away at pipes and the inside of your cooling tower, making leaks and other damages much more likely. Luckily, you can easily and affordably combat limescale buildup with our electronic descaling device, ScaleBlaster that is safe, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly.

Options for Treatment

There are the two categorizations of treatments suggested for cooling tower limescale removal: chemical, and eco-friendly. Some common chemical treatments include the use of toxic chemicals, expensive salt-free conditions, or harmful water softeners. The reason some of these treatments are so toxic is because they encourage the release of chlorides into the environment. In addition to being harsh on the environment, these methods are high maintenance and very expensive to continue over the lifetime of your cooling tower.

A more eco-friendly method for cooling tower limescale removal is electronic descalers such as ScaleBlaster. Our electronic descaler works by sending electromagnetic waves through your water supply. These electromagnetic waves change the property of calcium molecules to prevent them from sticking to your pipes and appliances. Over the course of use, this also removes existing limescale from your water cooler and pipelines.

The electronic descalers we offer are not just better for the environment. They also offer other benefits such as cost efficiency and low maintenance. While the initial purchase price of electronic descalers for cooling tower limescale removal is greater than that of water softeners and chemicals, its cost over a lifetime is far less expensive. Electronic descalers are also low maintenance. You already must have routine inspection to your cooling tower unit twice yearly. Why should you add additional maintenance to put the chemicals and heavy bags of water softener into your system? Electronic descalers take all of the hassle out of your cooling tower limescale removal plan.

Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

While hard water is not bad for your health, it can wreak havoc on the internal parts of water cooling towers, large and small appliances, and even your pipelines. Hard water contains calcium that is naturally found in the water supply of some cities. This calcium molecules breakdown into calcium carbonate, which sticks to the internal parts of pipelines, appliances, and water cooling towers. These calcium deposits are known as limescale. Managing limescale is critical to prevention of corrosion, improvement of cooling tower and appliance efficiency, and reducing the risk of clogs in your pipelines. Two common options for hard water treatment include salt free water conditioners and our electronic descaling equipment, ScaleBlaster lime scale remover.

Salt Free Water Conditioners

There is some disagreement about the effectiveness of salt free water conditioners. It is the salt in hard water treatments that effectively manages that calcium levels in your water. While conditioners work to reduce the hardness levels in your water, they do not eliminate it. This is the reason it is often sold under the phrase “hardness inhibitor” or “anti-scaling.” It can effectively reduce the hardness of your water by up to 90%. However, this 90% is not enough to remove the any of the existing limescale buildup. This is a crucial area where our electronic descaler and salt free water conditioners differ.

There are some benefits to salt free water conditioners. They do effectively prevent the buildup of calcium that causes limescale in your pipelines, water cooling towers, and large and small appliances. They also effectively remove odors, sediment, and select chemicals from your water supply. However, the long-term benefits of water softeners are not seen when using salt free water conditioners. While they may be better for the environment, they are not necessarily quite as effective.

Electronic Descalers

Electronic descalers such as ScaleBlaster work by using electromagnetic waves to treat hard water. The frequencies of the waves that pass through your water supply change the physical size and shape of calcium molecules, as well as their chemical properties. Our technology allows this alteration to prevent calcium molecules from sticking to the sides of your appliances, pipelines, or water-cooling tower.

Our electronic descaler effectively treats water hardness long-term by changing the chemical and physical properties of calcium that causes hard water. Overtime, the breakdown of calcium molecules causes a lower level of hardness saturation in your water supply. Once the saturation level is lowered, electronic descalers are able to reduce and eventually eliminate the existing limescale deposits found in your pipes, water-cooling tower, and appliances. This differs from salt free water conditioners because while conditioners can remove up to 90% of hardness, they cannot effectively eliminate existing limescale buildup.

Remove Lime Scale Buildup with an Industrial Descaler

There are a number of applications for an industrial descaler, including cleaning fouled heat exchanger tubes, on-demand tankless water heaters, condensing boilers, plumbing lines, and more. The fact is that products such as Scale Blaster offer options that work for residential as well as industrial purposes. This makes it extremely flexible and versatile ensuring that no matter your specific need, it will be met with this product.

Why an Industrial Descaler is the Best Option for Buildup

There are a number of different types of equipment that can benefit from industrial descalers. Tankless and tanked water heaters, as well as heat exchangers, need a descaling flush in order to maintain superior performance. Scale Blaster will make descaling any type of fouled heat exchanger easy and fast. You can forget having to use the harsh hydrochloric acids or the white vinegar, you will be able to remove the scale buildup in just minutes, rather than hours, when you use a product that is designed specifically for this task. This makes it extremely beneficial, especially in instances when you need the equipment to be back up and running soon, to prevent downtime which could hurt your bottom line.

Installation of Industrial Descaler Products

The installation for the industrial descaler, Scale Blaster, is fairly simple and something that will not take additional workers or staff. When it has been installed properly, the descaler will remove the lime scale from your equipment in just a few minutes. In fact, you will be able to see the effects right away. This product will work to eliminate scale, in addition to a number of other substances, including calcium, lithium carbonate and rust. This will also help to return the heater to superior efficiency in a matter of just a few minutes.

How to Choose an Industrial Descaler

There are a number of different products that are considered industrial descalers. It is important to select one that has a reputation for success, such as Scale Blaster. This product has a proven track record of success and effectiveness, ensuring that it will work for your needs. No matter if you need lime scale reduction at your home or your industrial business, using this product will ensure success.

When you first begin looking for an industrial descaler for your equipment, be sure that you consider your specific needs. The fact is that not all products are created equally. This means that you need to find the one that is right for your specific needs. The good news is that Scale Blaster, no matter your equipment or your needs, can provide great results.

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