Commercial Hard Water Descaling

Commercial Hard Water Descaling

Commercial businesses spend thousands of dollars each year combating problems with hard water.  Many have considered hard water treatment options, such as a water conditioning system, to help prevent hard water issues. Water conditioners are becoming more and more popular in commercial applications. These units work as a water pipe descaler, which takes care of current issues.  They also prevent future problems with hard water.

Traditional options such as water softener salts can be expensive to use. The ScaleBlaster water conditioner is salt-free and requires no chemicals or maintenance. If you own a commercial facility such as a hotel, restaurant or bakery, ScaleBlaster is ideal for hard water scale removal and prevention. Let’s examine some of the benefits:

Maintenance Free

The ScaleBlaster water conditioning system requires no maintenance, thus eliminating maintenance costs.

Environmentally friendly

There are no harmful chemicals or salts which dispose chlorides into the environment.

Space efficiency

The unit takes up little space.  Simply mount the ScaleBlaster water conditioner on your incoming pipes and you are good to go.

Your commercial building may be susceptible to problems with hard water, but you now have an effective solution to prevent it.  Contact us today to learn more about our expansive line of commercial models.