Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Options

Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Options - Cooling Tower Limescale Removal Options

Cooling tower limescale removal can be quite a challenge. Limescale causes a plethora of problems, wreaking havoc on the entire cooling tower system. Today, we will explore two of the most popular cooling tower limescale removal options to consider.

Cooling Tower Biocide

Biocides are chemical substances used to kill or control living organisms. They are effective on limescale, bacteria, algae, and corrosion. Many are harmful to humans if inhaled, spilled, or if they come in contact with the eyes or skin. They can also slowly degrade pumps and other vital equipment, causing the need to replace them more frequently. Cooling tower biocide can either be oxidizing or non-oxidizing. Oxidizing cooling tower biocide kills microorganisms; non-oxidizing prevents growth.

Electronic Descaling System

An electronic descaling system is an effective method of industrial hard water descaling because not only is it effective at water scale removal, but it also prevents new scale from forming. Additionally, an electronic descaling system controls algae and bacteria by reducing the corrosive properties of the water. This type of industrial hard water descaling system utilizes no chemicals, reduces maintenance costs, preserves the life of equipment, and is environmentally safe.

ScaleBlaster is a renowned electronic descaling system used by industrial facilities throughout the world. If you want an effective cooling tower limescale remover, then ScaleBlaster is definitely the product to consider. It is affordable and a game-changer when it comes to helping your plant operate more efficiently while reducing overall maintenance costs. For more information, please contact the commercial / industrial ScaleBlaster dealer nearest to you or e-mail