Taking A Closer Look At Cooling Tower Water Treatment Companies

For commercial and industrial HVAC companies, working with top quality, professional and experienced cooling tower water treatment companies is an important partnership to consider.

By working with the best companies, you have the support, expertise and the professional know-how you need to maintain the quality and efficiency of the cooling tower. This, in turn, provides your customers with a dependable, efficient and effective HVAC system for a small or large company, plant, manufacturing facility or business.

Not all cooling tower water treatment companies are the same. Shopping around and finding the right company to get the job done and provides support making suggestions to optimize the system will be essential. To find the right company, consider these important factors.

Experience in the Industry

In this industry, as in most service industries, top performing companies have a proven record in the industry. Look at the length of time that the company has been in business.

At Clear Water, we have been in business since 1989. Through the years, we have grown, and we developed both MineralPURE and then ScaleBlaster, both which offered groundbreaking technologies and environmentally friendly options for water treatment in residential, commercial and industrial applications. With years of experience in working with companies in various industries, we have the experience needed to get the job done.

We currently have over 600 retailers of our systems, and our dealers can be found in 70 different countries around the world, including in all states across the United States and across Canada.

Customer Satisfaction

At Clear Water, we are proud of the services we have provided to our customers. We offer a full section on our website of case studies of the businesses, groups, organization and entities we have provided solutions for dealing with hard water treatment.

We don’t black out names or just give you a hint of the company; you can read the complete details of the project as well as comments from our customers. We are also happy to provide more information and references to help you to determine if we are the right match for your water treatment needs.

Unlike some cooling tower water treatment companies, we have a focus on providing environmentally friendly solutions to very complex problems. We also understand the importance of water conservation, and we strive to create solutions for cooling tower systems that will work both for your needs as well as for the world around us.