Power Plants – Cut the Cooling Tower Biocide!

Cooling Tower Biocide - Power Plants – Cut the Cooling Tower Biocide!

Cooling tower biocide and other chemicals used for water scale removal are not only costly, but they wreak havoc on the environment.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a proven tool to solve water scale removal problems in power generation. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Power Plants Throughout China

Hundreds of SB-1200s, SB-1800s, SB-2000s, SB-2800s, SB-3600s and SB-4000s have been installed since 2004.

China is the world’s most populous country with more than 1.35 billion citizens. Their hundreds of large power plants include the Fuxin Power Plant, Liaoning Power Plant, Jilin Power Plant, Quinghemen Power Plant, Yuanbaoshan Power Plant and Bang Rong Power.  As with any power plant, limescale removal is an issue. The costs of downtime, labor and chemicals/cooling tower biocide used for water scale removal were astronomical until ScaleBlaster came into play.  In addition to pipe scale removal, the capital equipment that came in contact with water in the power plants also benefited from ScaleBlaster, saving millions of dollars. In fact, ScaleBlaster is solving water scale removal issues in power plants throughout China to the point that it is now considered a necessity in the industry.

Las Vegas Cogeneration Plant

In 2003, the very first ScaleBlaster industrial model – a SB-4000 – was installed on the pipeline.

This 238-megawatt power plant used warm water it produced to heat a massive 12-acre greenhouse that grew 40,000 lbs. of tomatoes. Due to the nature of heating water in an extremely hard water area, major scaling in the heating pipes was taking place, thus requiring a cost effective hard water scaler remover.  Using chemicals as a limescale remover was costly and required additional labor and downtime.  ScaleBlaster was an affordable alternative to chemicals.  Once ScaleBlaster was installed, the pipe scale removal issues became a thing of the past.

Forget all the chemicals and cooling tower biocide.  If you are seeking an economical and eco-friendly method to deal with water scale removal, the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is exactly what you need to keep your operation running efficiently.