How to Effectively Solve Your Hard Water Problems

Living in a hard water area can present a whole host of problems for you. You constantly have to deal with mineral deposits in your hot chocolate every morning. Your hair is dry and brittle because of the prolonged exposure to the minerals in hard water. And your appliances are a lot less efficient and have shorter life expectancies. All because of the minerals in your hard water.

Lime scale formation

Most of the minerals are magnesium and calcium though in ferrous iron can find its way into the mix as well, says Britannica. The minerals aren’t bad, by themselves, but once they interact with other minerals, cause lime scale to form. The reaction of mineral ions with fatty acids in your soap, for example, create the curd you see on your sink, curtain or bathroom walls. It’s also the same reaction that causes the deposits in your coffee or kettle as well as in your dishwasher, taps and washing machine.

Appliance concerns

While lime scale flakes sticking to the roof of your mouth can spoil your eating and drinking experience, the buildup can result in a number of problems in your home. If your pipes are filled with mineral deposits, that means water flow is severely restricted. This compromises your system’s efficiency and lead to overworking the system, dramatically shortening its life span. This can affect a range of appliances, too. So you end up spending more in order to deal with the clogged pipes, whether that means more maintenance, repair or replacement costs.

Other problems

Exposure to these minerals can also cause skin irritation as well as make your hair dry and brittle. Added to all these, the minerals make soaps and detergents take longer to lather, making washing your dishes or clothes a challenge. Your clothes can get dingy and colors can fade out faster, too.

Hard water solutions

One thing you can do to deal with hard water is to choose an effective treatment system. Scalebuster offers a range of water conditioner systems designed to provide you with residential, commercial and industrial solutions for your hard water problems. And unlike treatment systems that use salt or chlorine to get rid of the minerals, the device affects the mineral interaction in the water instead. This effectively prevents lime scale formation at lower the cost of most softeners. It’s also an eco-friendly solution so it’s a much better choice for homes and business to rely on. For more details, talk to us.