What Does an Electronic Descaling System Actually Do to Resolve Water Problems?

Electronic Descaling System - What Does an Electronic Descaling System Actually Do to Resolve Water Problems?

There is sometimes confusion when it comes to the differences between a water softener, a water filtration system, and a hard water descaler.  Today, we will take a closer look at what an electronic descaling system does to resolve water issues. Let’s get started:

Addresses the Minerals that Cause Water Hardness

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaling system addresses calcium carbonate and other “hard” minerals in your water by causing them to lose their adhesive properties. This is achieved using and inaudible signal at sonic frequencies that causes turbulence in the water molecules and ion exchange in the mineral atoms. Essentially, the “signal” emitted by the ScaleBlaster hard water descaler causes the ions to collide with each other to the point where calcium crystals grow and become large enough to where there are no more surface charges left to stick to any surface.

Addresses Other Types of Biological Contaminants

Bacteria and algae are among the biological contaminants that can be broken up by an electronic descaling system, preventing them from adhering to surfaces. This is not only beneficial for homes, but it is an important component of industrial hard water descaling as well.

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaling system is a proven and trusted hard water descaler that is not only effective in water scale removal, but also prevents new scale from forming. Once installed, it acts as a limescale eliminator, working to get rid of existing scale that is causing problems. It is much more affordable than a water softener or water filtration system. An additional benefit of a hard water descaler is that it requires no ongoing maintenance. Stop by Home Depot or visit Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Costco online to purchase ScaleBlaster. We promise you’ll be impressed!