Electronic Water Descaler vs. Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Limescale eliminator - Electronic Water Descaler vs. Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

A reverse osmosis system is designed to remove contaminants from water, specifically chlorine and sediments.  Some people believe that a reverse osmosis system is a residential hard water solution, but it really does not resolve hard water problems on its own (we will discuss this in a future article). Unlike an electronic water descaler, a reverse osmosis system is not a limescale eliminator and is not known for being effective at water scale removal/pipe scale removal.  It also requires ongoing maintenance and the replacement of filters and the membrane. Our next series of articles will discuss the different types of filters that need to be replaced as part of your ongoing reverse osmosis system maintenance. Let’s get started:

Sediment Filter

A reverse osmosis system has a sediment filter that catches silt, dirt, sand, and other types of sediment before it infiltrates the reverse osmosis membrane. If sediment reaches the reverse osmosis membrane, it will cause it to clog. The sediment filter should be replaced once a year or more as recommended by the manufacturer.  An electronic water descaler does not have a sediment filter to maintain or replace.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are used in reverse osmosis systems to filter out contaminants that could negatively affect the odor and taste of your water. Examples of contaminants include chlorine, lead, nitrates, and pesticides. Your carbon filter should be checked and replaced every six months or more depending on the quality of your water. An electronic water descaler does not have any carbon filters to worry about checking or replacing.

When it comes to hard water treatment options, the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is the preferred residential hard water solution because it is affordable, effective, and requires no ongoing maintenance. ScaleBlaster can be purchased at Home Depot (in-store and online) and online at Lowe’s and Costco. We encourage you to buy one today, we promise you won’t be disappointed!