Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Hard water is a problem throughout the country (see our water hardness chart / water hardness map). When water percolates through limestone and chalk deposits, it picks up many calcium ions. This highly mineralized water is referred to as hard water.

Hard water is very destructive to plumbing infrastructure and can cause difficulties for any appliance or component that uses water. Lime scale buildup in pipes decreases the internal volume of the pipe, which, in turn, increases energy usage in heating elements. Hard water also contributes to lime scale and soap scum buildup in sinks, tubs, and even major appliances.

Clearwater Enviro Technologies is considered a pioneer in the industry.  Beware of companies attempting to emulate our tested and proven products, as most are inferior. ScaleBlaster has been a reliable, effective and eco-friendly electronic water descaler / water treatment system for nearly 30 years. ScaleBlaster was born to combat problems of traditional water softeners, which are bulky, wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and difficult to maintain. We’ve created an innovative product that is small, simple to install, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, efficient.

ScaleBlaster is truly a unique water treatment system. Instead of relying on harsh water softener chemicals, it uses an electric field. The oscillating frequency of the generated wave prevents calcium molecules from sticking to any surface, including other calcium molecules. This destroys existing lime scale buildup and prevents any new lime scale deposits from forming. It’s simple, but incredibly effective.

We’re confident in how ScaleBlaster stacks up against traditional water softeners. First and foremost, it’s effective. We’ve designed it to be a complete water treatment system that is safe for the environment. Water softeners release large concentrations of salt back into the water supply. ScaleBlaster does not. Traditional water softeners also waste over 6,000 gallons per year in standard operation.  No water is wasted with ScaleBlaster.

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