Hard Water Solutions for Home

Hard Water Solutions for Home - Hard Water Solutions for Home

Many homeowners are unsure if they live in an area with hard water.  There are some classic signs of hard water you can watch for, including water that smells or tastes bad, clogged pipes, water heater continually failing, laundry not getting clean, rust like stains on toilets and sidewalks. Our U.S. Water Hardness Map can also help you determine the calcium hardness level of your water. Hard water, whether it comes from a municipal water system or well, causes damaging limescale.  Lime scale removal is important for hard water because when deposits start building up that is when problems arise.

Solving the Hard Water Problem

Treating hard water can be handled in numerous ways. However, some of the traditional hard water treatment options are not the most healthy or effective. Water softeners are popular when it comes to treating hard water, however, they are expensive to maintain. They also require salt, which is not ideal to people on a salt-restricted diet. It is also not the best option for pets.

Electronic Water Descaler

One of the most effective and safest products for lime scale removal is an electronic water descaler. An electronic descaler is not only efficient as a lime scale remover, but it also helps prevent new deposits from forming.  It is also inexpensive, eco-friendly and requires no maintenance.

ScaleBlaster was first electronic water descaler in the world to perform as advertised, with the first model being released in early 1995. Other companies have tried to copy our electronic descaler, but when it comes to lime scale removal, nothing compares to ScaleBlaster.  ScaleBlaster easily attaches to the main water pipe and uses a signal to cause calcium carbonate molecules to lose their adhesive properties.

Are you ready to stop using hard water?  If so, give one of our residential experts a call to learn more about how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler can work for you!