Achieve Operational Efficiency with a Better Hard Water Treatment System

One of the first things you watch out for when you’re running a business is keeping operating costs low. If your business relies on a lot of water-using systems and technologies, then you know how huge a problem lime scale formation can be.

Lime scale

Hard water contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, says Britannica. That’s not the problem, though. The problem happens when these minerals come in contact with other minerals. The reaction leads to the formation of lime scale.

Compromised Efficiency

Lime scale in your dishwasher, washing machine, water heating systems and more, can cause a number of problems. For one, the lime scale crowds out the water flow in your system, leading to weak water pressure. That potentially has disastrous effects on a business that relies on water-using systems, slowing down your business and killing productivity. With water systems compromised, you’ll reach fewer targets and might even miss delivery deadlines.

Higher Costs

That means you have to spend on cleanup, maintenance and repair of clogged systems. You could invest in a water softening solution. However, the costs of maintaining the system will only eat up the cost savings you get from preventing the buildup of mineral deposits. So go for a water conditioner instead.

Water Conditioner

A type of hard water treatment system, this doesn’t replace the minerals with salt. What it does, though, is change the mineral interaction in the water. This keeps the minerals from bonding to surfaces. So you end up with a treatment system that eliminates the mineral deposits and buildup. That means you get the same advantages with a water softener—zero buildup in your water-using systems mean greater water pressure, improved system efficiency and higher productivity levels. However, unlike water softeners that require a lot of maintenance, since you have to keep putting in the salt and balancing out the water system, water conditioners require no salt at all. So you get to spend less on maintenance and costs.

Better water treatment

That’s the kind of solution you get with Scaleblaster. So you can look forward to less if not zero corrosion in your system, less maintenance costs and time spent on upkeep and repair, as well as better efficiency, all around. Also, because there are no toxic byproducts released in water