How Can ScaleBlaster Benefit My Brewery?

scaleblaster brewery - How Can ScaleBlaster Benefit My Brewery?

Can ScaleBlaster help breweries save money and operate more efficiently?  Absolutely!

The world’s oldest brewery in the Czech Republic – Krusovice (circa 1581) – utilized a variety of hard water treatment options including expensive water softening equipment, acids and chemicals.  Once they installed the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler on their bottle washing equipment and cooling towers, maintenance was greatly reduced, less soap was required to clean the bottles, and there was less calcium spotting on the bottles themselves. Within days, the brewery that was previously using a water softener, cooling tower biocide and other chemical agents reported that their cooling towers were completely free of scale deposits!

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is one of the preferred hard water treatment options for breweries for numerous reasons.  Let’s take a closer look at why:

  • ScaleBlaster is effective at water scale removal and pipe scale removal.
  • An electronic water descaler prevents new scale from forming.
  • Unlike hard water treatment options such as cooling tower biocide and water softeners, an electronic water descaler solves hard water problems without the use of chemicals.
  • ScaleBlaster is easy to install and requires no additional plumbing.
  • An electronic water descaler is non-intrusive and requires little to no maintenance.
  • ScaleBlaster is an affordable, one-time investment that pays for itself and then some by saving breweries and other industrial operations tens of thousands of dollars year after year.

Want to learn more about how ScaleBlaster can benefit your brewery or microbrewery? If so, our industrial specialists are here to help.  Connect with the one nearest you or e-mail us at to get started today!