How Do I Know If I Have a Hard Water Problem?

Have a Hard Water Problem - How Do I Know If I Have a Hard Water Problem?

It can be difficult to know if you have a hard water problem, especially when you move into a new home.  Testing your water and/or obtaining water reports from your municipal water provider is a good place to start.  If your home is new and you have hard water, it is advisable to install a residential hard water solution before you begin to have problems.  Let’s take a look at some common signs of hard water.  If you are experiencing any of these, you should consider installing the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler right away to prevent hard water issues from escalating.

Crusty Buildup

If you notice a crusty buildup in faucets, showerheads, drains and any fixtures exposed to water, then you need to start considering hard water treatment options. This crusty buildup is lime scale, and it is caused by high levels of calcium and magnesium found in hard water. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler prevents calcium carbonate from adhering to pipes and fixtures, thus keeping new scale from forming. ScaleBlaster is an effective lime scale remover as well.

Appliances Not Working Efficiently

Lime scale buildup can cause appliances that come into contact with water (i.e. washer, dishwasher, coffee maker, etc.) to be less efficient.  Less efficient appliances have to work harder and often require more electricity to operate. The ScaleBlaster residential hard water solution is an effective lime scale remover. It will address existing pipe scale and keep new scale from forming.

Water Flow Issues

If you notice issues with your water flow, this could be a result of lime scale buildup in your pipes. ScaleBlaster is an effective lime scale remover that is safe, eco-friendly and does not require the use of chemicals. Once installed, it not only handles pipe scale removal, but it prevents new scale from forming, which is why ScaleBlaster has become such a popular residential hard water solution.

When it comes to hard water treatment options, the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is the preferred choice among homeowners.  They choose ScaleBlaster because it is affordable, effective, easy to install and requires no chemicals, salt or maintenance. If you are seeking a residential hard water solution, look no further. ScaleBlaster is available at Home Depot (in-store and online) or online at Lowe’s and Costco.  Consider picking one up today!