How ScaleBlaster Benefits Hospitals

How ScaleBlaster Benefits Hospitals - How ScaleBlaster Benefits Hospitals

We work with hospitals seeking hard water treatment options.  There are many ways in which hard water can be costly to a hospital or medical center operation.  Our next series of articles will take a closer look at the types of problems that can be resolved by installing a ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler. Let’s take a look.


Hard water leaves soap and detergent deposits on fabrics. This dulls colors and gives a grey or yellow appearance to white fabrics. Hard water soap scum also clings to fabric fibers, causing threads to become brittle and shortening the life of the material. An electronic water descaler is a limescale eliminator and it keeps new scale from forming, so all the costly laundry problems caused by hard water are resolved.

Piping Systems

Limescale buildup in pipes not only wreaks havoc on the pipes themselves, but also compromises all of the appliances and machinery that utilize water.  Once ScaleBlaster is installed, water scale removal / pipe scale removal begins, which eliminates the existing buildup, thus preserving the life of the pipes and improving the performance of appliances.


Hard water leaves unsightly soap scum rings in the bathtub, makes bathing more difficult (especially when it comes to skin and hair) and causes buildup on faucets, showerheads, sinks and toilets. An electronic water descaler is one of the most effective hard water treatment options to address and prevent these issues.

Our next article will cover more ways in which the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler benefits hospitals and medical centers.

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