How the Fast Food Industry Benefits from ScaleBlaster

How the Fast Food Industry Benefits from ScaleBlaste - How the Fast Food Industry Benefits from ScaleBlaster

We are continuing our series on how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler benefits the fast food industry.  Our previous article discussed how ScaleBlaster is effective at water scale removal/pipe scale removal.  It is also one of the best hard water treatment options for preventing new scale from forming.  We examined how the limescale eliminator features of an electronic water descaler improves the performance of beverage machines and extends the life of freezers, dishwashers, and other equipment that is touched by water.  Today, we will look at two more reasons why fast food restaurant managers and owners are choosing an electronic water descaler over other types of hard water treatment options.

Less Equipment Maintenance Calls

Equipment maintenance and repair calls are costly and significantly impact your bottom line.  A one-time invest in the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler helps to decrease the need for equipment maintenance calls to resolve problems caused by limescale buildup.

Improves Water Pressure and Performance of Faucets and Toilets

Your staff and customers will be impressed with the improved water pressure and performance of kitchen and bathroom faucets.  The toilets will even flush much better!

If you want to save money, improve the performance of your equipment, and keep your customers content, then an electronic water scaler may be one of the hard water treatment options to consider.  Clearwater Enviro Technologies, the manufacturer of ScaleBlaster, has partnered with hundreds of commercial and industrial operations over the past three decades.  We’ve helped our customers implement an affordable, environmentally friendly solution that requires no chemicals, reduces the need for cooling tower biocide, improves performance of capital equipment and lowers maintenance costs.  If you are plagued with scale, then the limescale eliminator qualities of ScaleBlaster will make a huge impact.  Contact the commercial/industrial specialist nearest to you or e-mail us at to get started today.