I Want to Consider an Ecofriendly Water Softener Alternative

I Want to Consider an Ecofriendly Water Softener Alternative - I Want to Consider an Ecofriendly Water Softener Alternative

We are continuing our series of articles exploring the downsides of water softeners. Our previous articles discussed how water softeners involve a large initial investment, require professional installation, take up valuable floor space, increase water bills, are not eco-friendly, and require expensive, time consuming ongoing maintenance.  Today, we will look at more downsides to water softeners and reasons to consider an ecofriendly water softener alternative.

Not Ideal for Individuals on Salt-Restrictive Diets

Water treated with water softeners is high in sodium, making it less than ideal for individuals on salt-restrictive diets and/or those who are watching their sodium levels. Water with higher sodium levels is also not ideal for family pets to consume. A hard water descaler such as ScaleBlaster does not add salt or chemicals to the water.

Makes Soap Difficult to Remove

Water softeners make it more difficult for water to remove soap from skin and laundry. This is why your skin often feels somewhat slippery after bathing or showering with soft water. When you use a hard water descaler such as ScaleBlaster, you will notice the water feels silkier, your skin feels softer, and soap easily washes away.

ScaleBlaster is a trusted, ecofriendly water softener alternative that has been installed in thousands of homes, commercial buildings, and industrial operations worldwide. Not only is ScaleBlaster a hard water descaler that prevents new scale from forming, but it is also a limescale eliminator that is proven effective in water scale removal. If you want an affordable, reliable hard water descaler, then we encourage you to give the ScaleBlaster electronic descaling system a try.

Residential ScaleBlaster hard water descaler models can be purchased online or in-store at Home Depot. It can also be purchased online at Lowes and Costco.

The ScaleBlaster industrial hard water descaler for your commercial or industrial operation can be purchased by contacting the commercial / industrial ScaleBlaster dealer nearest to you or e-mailing sales@scaleblaster.com.