Industrial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

Industrial Benefits of ScaleBlaster - Industrial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

Part Two

We are continuing our series highlighting the industrial benefits of the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler:

Reduces Maintenance and Downtime

ScaleBlaster significantly reduces overall maintenance  and downtime. Adding chemicals such as cooling tower biocide, balancing water chemistry and cleaning shutdowns will be significantly reduced.

Prevents Scale Build-up and Accumulation

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only effective with water scale removal, but it will also modify the scale forming ions so they do not adhere to each other, the pipe walls, tubes, jets, or heat transfer surfaces.

Energy Savings

The primary energy savings are a result of a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications. These savings are associated with water scale removal. Just a 1/4” of scale buildup can increase energy consumption by up to 40%.

Extends Life of Capital Equipment

ScaleBlaster’s role as a hard water scale remover and prevention method helps extend the life of your equipment, thus maximizing your return on capital investment.

Decrease Operating Costs

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler allows you to significantly lower your cost of operation by using less chemicals (i.e. cooling tower biocide), less water and reducing labor costs.

Improves Efficiency

ScaleBlaster is extremely effective in water scale removal and prevention.  This helps keep heat transfer surfaces free from scale, thus allowing the system to operate at peak performance.

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