Industries Benefiting from ScaleBlaster

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Part One

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler has become one of the preferred hard water treatment options for industries worldwide.  Benefits of ScaleBlaster vs. standard water decalcification systems include the fact that it reduces the need for downtime, chemicals and maintenance.  Additionally, ScaleBlaster is effective when it comes to pipe scale removal / water scale removal.  Our next series of articles will highlight some industries worldwide that are realizing the benefits of ScaleBlaster.

Power Generation

The industrial models of the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler have been used in power plants throughout the world.  It minimizes the need for cooling tower biocide, is effective for water scale removal / pipe scale removal and significantly reduces downtime, labor and chemical costs.

Sporting Facilities

We have worked with numerous sporting facilities to help them eliminate their hard water problems.  Unsightly stains on bathroom sinks and in toilets, problems washing dishes and limescale buildup on the water line going to a sauna are just a few of the many problems the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler has solved.  ScaleBlaster is more effective than typical water decalcification systems because it performs both pipe scale removal and prevents new scale from forming.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks go through tens of thousands of gallons of water each day.  Water scale removal and prevention is key to ensuring that no water flow is restricted on water rides. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is more effective and affordable than other hard water treatment options.

Don’t settle for inferior hard water treatment options.  ScaleBlaster has a team of qualified industrial specialists throughout the world standing by to assist you.  Contact a ScaleBlaster dealer today!