Alternative to Water Softeners

Looking For an Alternative to Water Softeners?

You want to prevent hard water in your home, but you’ve looked at water softeners and just weren’t impressed. They’re expensive, harmful to the environment, and require constant maintenance including salt and filters. Is there an affordable alternative to water softeners? The answer is, YES!

The Electronic Water Conditioner – an Excellent Alternative to Water Softeners

An electronic water conditioning system such as ScaleBlaster not only prevents hard water damage, but is also an effective limescale remover.  ScaleBlaster eliminates existing hard water damage and ensures it doesn’t come back—for less than half the price of a traditional water softener. Best of all, water conditioning systems don’t require salt, chemicals or maintenance. You can install the system yourself instead of hiring someone to install a water softener

ScaleBlaster works to prevent hard water in every type of pipe—whether it’s copper, PVC, CPVC, or PEX.  It uses oscillating electronic fields which changes the shape, size and charge of calcium molecules, thus preventing lime scale from forming. Because of this process, a water conditioner such as ScaleBlaster is an ideal, eco-friendly alternative to water softeners.

The No-Maintenance Advantage

The savings a homeowner experiences over time is substantial. Not only is the ScaleBlaster water conditioning system less expensive to purchase than a water softener, but, you do not have to constantly purchase salt for it to be effective.  Most importantly, the system requires no maintenance.  If you add up how much it costs just to purchase salt and maintain a water softener, you will see that an electronic water conditioner pays for itself in just a matter of months.

Looking for an affordable, maintenance-free, eco-friendly hard water treatment option?  Check out ScaleBlaster’s residential models to identify the right unit for your home.