Maintaining Water Softeners vs. An Electronic Water Descaler

Maintaining Water Softeners - Maintaining Water Softeners vs. An Electronic Water Descaler

There are many differences between a water softener and an electronic water descaler.  Previous articles covered the costs involved with a water softener.  An electronic water descaler has an advantage over water softeners and other hard water treatment options because it is also a limescale eliminator which is effective in pipe scale removal/water scale removal. Our next series of articles will cover more differences between a water softener and an electronic water descaler, specifically when it comes to maintenance.  Let’s get started:

Resin Tank

If you choose a water softener as your residential hard water solution, expect to clean its resin tank at least every six months or more if your tank accumulates a lot of excess grime, gunk and other buildup.  Additionally, you may need to replace the resin on occasion, especially if the system is exposed to chlorinated water. An electronic water descaler does not use resin and is one of the few hard water treatment options that does not require any maintenance.

Brine Tank

Water softeners have a brine tank that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.  This is generally performed during a time when the salt is low. You will need to first drain the brine tank and remove the salt grid.  You can then proceed with cleaning, being sure to remove any sediment, sludge, or salt that is in the tank and then scrubbing/washing it with dishwasher detergent.  An electronic water descaler is a residential hard water solution that has no tank to clean, thus requiring no ongoing maintenance.

Our next article will discuss more differences between the maintenance of a water softener and electronic water descaler.

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