Residential Hard Water Solution: Your ScaleBlaster Questions Answered

Residential Hard Water Solutions - Residential Hard Water Solution: Your ScaleBlaster Questions Answered

Part Two

We are continuing to answer your questions about the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler.  ScaleBlaster has been the preferred electronic water descaler for 25 years. Our products are engineered, designed and assembled in the United States. If you are considering hard water treatment options, we encourage you to try ScaleBlaster!

What Makes ScaleBlaster Superior to Other Types of Water Decalcification Systems?

Years of research and testing has gone into developing all of our ScaleBlaster models.  When it comes to hard water treatment options, an electronic water descaler is simple, easy and non-intrusive. Not only is it proven to be effective in pipe scale removal and prevention, but it is safe, environmentally-friendly, easy to install and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Can I Use ScaleBlaster if I Have a Water Softener?

Absolutely. If you enjoy the extra soap suds that are produced by a water softener, you can certainly keep it.  However, when it comes to water decalcification systems, ScaleBlaster is much different from a water softener in that it does not require any salt, chemicals or maintenance.  Many people choose to abandon the burdens of their water softeners once they install a ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler.

What is the Warranty?

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a three-year warranty on the SB-75 and SB-Elite. Extended warranties are also available.

If you are researching effective hard water treatment options, look no further.  ScaleBlaster is an easy-to-install solution that will handle both pipe scale removal and also prevent new scale from forming. ScaleBlaster residential models can be purchased at Home Depot (in-store and online), Lowes (online) and Costco (online).