Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

Salt Free Water Conditioners VS ScaleBlaster Lime Scale Remover

While hard water is not bad for your health, it can wreak havoc on the internal parts of water cooling towers, large and small appliances, and even your pipelines. Hard water contains calcium that is naturally found in the water supply of some cities. This calcium molecules breakdown into calcium carbonate, which sticks to the internal parts of pipelines, appliances, and water cooling towers. These calcium deposits are known as limescale. Managing limescale is critical to prevention of corrosion, improvement of cooling tower and appliance efficiency, and reducing the risk of clogs in your pipelines. Two common options for hard water treatment include salt free water conditioners and our electronic descaling equipment, ScaleBlaster lime scale remover.

Salt Free Water Conditioners

There is some disagreement about the effectiveness of salt free water conditioners. It is the salt in hard water treatments that effectively manages that calcium levels in your water. While conditioners work to reduce the hardness levels in your water, they do not eliminate it. This is the reason it is often sold under the phrase “hardness inhibitor” or “anti-scaling.” It can effectively reduce the hardness of your water by up to 90%. However, this 90% is not enough to remove the any of the existing limescale buildup. This is a crucial area where our electronic descaler and salt free water conditioners differ.

There are some benefits to salt free water conditioners. They do effectively prevent the buildup of calcium that causes limescale in your pipelines, water cooling towers, and large and small appliances. They also effectively remove odors, sediment, and select chemicals from your water supply. However, the long-term benefits of water softeners are not seen when using salt free water conditioners. While they may be better for the environment, they are not necessarily quite as effective.

Electronic Descalers

Electronic descalers such as ScaleBlaster work by using electromagnetic waves to treat hard water. The frequencies of the waves that pass through your water supply change the physical size and shape of calcium molecules, as well as their chemical properties. Our technology allows this alteration to prevent calcium molecules from sticking to the sides of your appliances, pipelines, or water-cooling tower.

Our electronic descaler effectively treats water hardness long-term by changing the chemical and physical properties of calcium that causes hard water. Overtime, the breakdown of calcium molecules causes a lower level of hardness saturation in your water supply. Once the saturation level is lowered, electronic descalers are able to reduce and eventually eliminate the existing limescale deposits found in your pipes, water-cooling tower, and appliances. This differs from salt free water conditioners because while conditioners can remove up to 90% of hardness, they cannot effectively eliminate existing limescale buildup.