ScaleBlaster and Entertainment / Sports Venues

ScaleBlaster and Entertainment - ScaleBlaster and Entertainment / Sports Venues

We are continuing our series on ScaleBlaster and entertainment / sports venues. Our previous article discussed how ScaleBlaster is environmentally friendly and helps improve the performance of saunas and showering / restroom facilities. Today, we will look at three more aspects that make the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler one of the preferred hard water treatment options for entertainment and sports venues.

Keep Kitchen and Food/Beverage Serving Facilities Up to Speed

Sports and entertainment venues offer tons of food and beverage selections.  Keeping the kitchens, dishwashers, sinks and any other appliances that utilize water free from hard water buildup helps them operate at optimal performance so they are able to keep up with high demand. We’ve also installed our ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler to helps some facilities address bacteria issues with their dishwashers that resulted because of their inability to operate at peak levels.

Improved HVAC Performance

Water scale can affect the performance of HVAC systems. Installing a ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler on cooling towers, chillers, condenser lines, chilled water lines and boilers can help save tons of money on maintenance and repair costs. The water scale removal/pipe scale removal process begins as soon as ScaleBlaster is installed.

Keep Sprinkler Systems in Working Order

Hard water adversely affects both outdoor and indoor sprinkler systems.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a limescale eliminator that also prevents new scale from forming, thus alleviating the problems caused by hard water buildup.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is one of the most affordable and effective hard water treatment options on the market today.  We have been in business for three decades and have saved our customers thousands of dollars a year. If you have been researching hard water treatment options and want to learn more about how ScaleBlaster can benefit your facility, we can help. Contact the commercial/industrial specialist nearest to you or e-mail us at to learn more today.