ScaleBlaster and the Restaurant Industry

ScaleBlaster and the Restaurant Industry - ScaleBlaster and the Restaurant Industry

Limescale buildup costs food establishments thousands of dollars every year.  Many have tried hard water treatment options only to find that they are ineffective, costly, require ongoing maintenance and are not environmentally friendly.  If you are seeking a reliable, affordable and proven limescale eliminator for your restaurant, then we can help.  The restaurant industry has benefited from the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler in many ways.  Let’s take a closer look:

Improved Water Regulation

Some restaurants have steam tables with a float that regulates water levels.  Hard water can cause scale buildup and cause the float to not properly operate.  This continued issue requires costly labor, cleaning and replacement.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler prevents water scale buildup, thus eliminating the costs associated with ongoing maintenance.

Less Repair Bills

High end dishwashers are often used because they have incredible sanitization capabilities and can wash glassware and other dishes in minutes.  However, water scale can wreak havoc on these otherwise very efficient machines, thus resulting in high repair bills to keep them operational. Once installed, the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler handles existing buildup and prevents new scale from forming.  This eliminates the need for repairs associated with water scale.

Improved Function of Ice and Beverage Machines

Limescale buildup can affect the function of ice and beverage machines.  ScaleBlaster is a limescale eliminator that also prevents new scale as well, thus enabling these machines to function as they were designed.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler has been used by commercial industries worldwide for three decades.  It is one of the most preferred hard water treatment options because it is not only effective in water scale removal/pipe scale removal, but it also prevents new scale from forming. Best of all, it is affordable, easy to install, chemical free, requires no ongoing maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Oh, and the return-on-investment is quite impressive as well!  If you are ready to save money and improve the function of equipment, fixtures and components that use water, then look no further. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is the limescale eliminator you need to help improve the overall function of your restaurant. Contact the commercial/industrial specialist nearest to you or e-mail us at to get started today.