ScaleBlaster and Its Benefit to Power Plants

ScaleBlaster and Its Benefit to Power Plants - ScaleBlaster and Its Benefit to Power Plants

Part Two

Our previous article examined several ways the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler can benefit power plants.  Part two will look at additional reasons why power plant managers should consider ScaleBlaster for water scale removal and prevention.

Extends Life of Capital Equipment

ScaleBlaster will extend equipment life dramatically, maximizing the return on capital investment.

Prevents Scale Accumulation

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only effective in pipe scale removal, but it will modify the scale-forming ions so they do not adhere to each other, the pipe walls, tubes, jets or heat transfer surfaces.

Reduces Maintenance and Downtime

ScaleBlaster will significantly reduce overall maintenance and downtime. Adding chemicals such as cooling tower biocide, balancing water chemistry and cleaning shutdowns will be greatly reduced.

Controls Algae and Bacteria

ScaleBlaster helps control algae and bacteria by eliminating their breeding ground lime scale deposits. The modified calcium crystals and higher cycles of concentration help to impede algae and biofilm formations.

Energy Savings

The primary energy savings are a result of a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications.

Removes Existing Scale

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a hard water scale remover and is extremely effective when it comes to lime scale removal and pipe scale removal.

A ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a wise investment for any industrial operation. It can significantly lower the cost of operating a power plant by reducing the need for chemicals (i.e. cooling tower biocide), using less water, preserving the life of equipment, operating more efficiently and reducing energy costs.  Contact one of our industrial specialists to learn more about how ScaleBlaster can significantly improve your power plant operation.