Senior Living Facilities – Benefits of ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Descaler

Electronic Water Descaler Into Senior Living Facilities - Senior Living Facilities - Benefits of ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Descaler

The Benefits of Incorporating the ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Descaler Into Senior Living Facilities

There are many reasons to choose the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler over other types of hard water treatment options.  We are continuing our series on how ScaleBlaster benefits senior living facilities.  Our previous article discussed the fact that it is a limescale eliminator that is not only effective at pipe scale removal/water scale removal, but it also prevents new scale from forming. We also covered how an electronic water descaler improves efficiency and extends the life of appliances. Today, we will take a look at two more reasons why ScaleBlaster is one of the best hard water treatment options for senior living facilities.

Better for Bathing/ Showering

When you install an electronic water descaler, residents will be able to enjoy an improved bathing/showering experience.  They will find that soap will lather more and rinse off better.  Their skin will begin to feel smoother. Staff will especially appreciate it because they won’t have to contend with soap scum and buildup on faucets and fixtures.

Prevents Issues Often Seen With Water Softeners

Water softeners can be problematic for numerous reasons.  For one, they are costly to maintain.  Water softeners also use salt, which is not ideal for people on salt-restricted diets. They can also cause issues that result in water damage, as we will discuss in our next article.

If you are seeking a commercial or residential hard water solution, look no further. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is affordable, effective, eco-friendly, and requires no maintenance. Best of all, it out performs other hard water treatment options, especially in its limescale eliminator capabilities. If you are serious about tackling your hard water issues, we can help.  Contact the nearest commercial/industrial specialist or e-mail us at to get started today.