Hard Water Soap Lather

Do You Suspect You Have a Lime Scale Problem?

If you have recently peeked at the inside of your kettle or taps, chances are that you have spotted some off-white, stony and tough crust. This is lime scale, a deposit from hard water. Hard water contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals accumulated as the water runs over spongy, soft rocks, like chalk or limestone.

Is it a problem?

Hard water itself is not a problem. In fact, people have been enjoying some of its healing effects for years. However, the water does have other not-so-pleasant side-effects.

Hard water is more difficult to do your washing in since soap does not lather well and may leave some scum at the bottom of surfaces. Some detergents are also less effective and your clothes or utensils end up looking dull over time. To the sensitive skin, hard water can cause irritation and dryness.

The biggest problem is that once heated past 55 degrees centigrade or left out to stand, the chemicals in hard water solidify. These solidified mass are what create lime scale that covers your hard surfaces and taps at home with that unsightly layer that is difficult to remove.

These visible effects are nothing compared to what you cannot see. A significant amount of the dissolved minerals in hard water stay in the pipes and eventually clog them up. The lime scale will also coat heating elements, washing machines and dishwasher, making them even less energy efficient. This could waste a huge amount of energy each year. It is also likely to cause your heating appliances burning themselves out much faster than expected.

How do you treat lime scale?

A majority of American homes are already supplied with hard water. In fact, 90 percent of American homes deal with hard water problems according to Scale Blaster. Fortunately, there are several ways you can deal with it.

  • Water softening – This is the most common methodology of dealing with hard water. The process involves swapping out the calcium – forming lime scale- for sodium that will stay dissolved. Before water enters in to your home’s water supply, it passes through a unit that does the treatment.
  • Lime scale remover – If you already have a lime scale problem, the remover is a special agent for removing it from all areas in your home and garden leaving them clear and clean.

At Scale Blaster, we offer you sustainable products that employ up-to-date technology. Our products ensure that you get rid of all your hard water problems without taking out the important minerals at the source – your home’s main water supply unit. Our hard water salt less softeners and lime scale removers are aimed at protecting the environment while offering you a water supply that supports your goal towards a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.