ScaleBlaster vs. Water Filters – what is the difference?

ScaleBlaster vs. Water Filters – what is the difference?

ScaleBlaster and water filters are totally different.  A water purifier, or water filter, will remove contaminants in the water like chlorine and iron.  These systems are water purification systems, while ScaleBlaster is a lime scale remover.  Calcium buildup is removed by the ScaleBlaster without any maintenance or chemicals.  By combining the two together, you can have the closest thing to pure water as possible.  A shower filter, for example will eventually need some kind of a scale remover to take care of it – either by replacing the equipment of manually cleaning it.  ScaleBlaster can take care of this automatically without the hassle of a scale remover.

Water filtration systems will remove bad taste in drinking water.  ScaleBlaster will keep the calcium in the water, which is good for your metabolism and is required.  Water softeners remove calcium from the water by using salt.  This is not good for those on salt-restricted diets.  ScaleBlaster can handle the entire household and will give your family and house many, many years of maintenance-free troubles of your hard water problems you experience daily.

The ScaleBlaster signal causes the ions to precipitate or collide with each other to the point where the calcium crystals grow until they become so larger that there are no more surface charges left to stick to the pipe walls or any other surface.  ScaleBlaster is installed on the incoming water line entering the home.  It is non-intrusive and there is no cutting into the pipe.

Water filters, or a water filtration system, can be installed in conjunction with ScaleBlaster and are recommended if you want to remove chlorine and sediment in the water.

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