Commercial Hard Water Descaling

Commercial Hard Water Descaling

Commercial businesses spend thousands of dollars each year combating problems with hard water.  Many have considered hard water treatment options, such as a water conditioning system, to help prevent hard water issues. Water conditioners are becoming more and more popular in commercial applications. These units work as a water pipe descaler, which takes care of current issues.  They also prevent future problems with hard water.

Traditional options such as water softener salts can be expensive to use. The ScaleBlaster water conditioner is salt-free and requires no chemicals or maintenance. If you own a commercial facility such as a hotel, restaurant or bakery, ScaleBlaster is ideal for hard water scale removal and prevention. Let’s examine some of the benefits:

Maintenance Free

The ScaleBlaster water conditioning system requires no maintenance, thus eliminating maintenance costs.

Environmentally friendly

There are no harmful chemicals or salts which dispose chlorides into the environment.

Space efficiency

The unit takes up little space.  Simply mount the ScaleBlaster water conditioner on your incoming pipes and you are good to go.

Your commercial building may be susceptible to problems with hard water, but you now have an effective solution to prevent it.  Contact us today to learn more about our expansive line of commercial models.


Analyzing the Industrial Hard Water Descaler

Analyzing the Industrial Hard Water Descaler

If you work in the industrial sector, hard water treatment options are definitely something to consider. Preventing hard water issues is important because they can go undetected for years. Seen or unseen problems with hard water end up costing time and money in the long run. When you consider the amount of money used to pump water through your piping systems, even a minor clog can result in efficiency problems that can negatively affect your bottom line.

Hard Water Scale Removal / Industrial Lime Scale Remover

Often times, hard water is the only option readily available.  You need something powerful enough to prevent hard water damage and able to perform hard water scale removal on your existing infrastructure. ScaleBlaster industrial water conditioner offers a proven and effective solution. Unlike salt and chemicals which are harmful to the environment, ScaleBlaster uses an inaudible signal which passes through coils over water piping from the reservoir. This causes the ions to collide with one another. The calcium crystals then grow until they become so large, there is no more surface charges left to stick to the pipe, or any other surface for that matter.

Industrial structures require sturdier options when it comes to water pipe descalers. Oil rigs, for instance, are in very extreme environments.  Cooling towers also require a more durable solution. ScaleBlaster offers a variety industrial models designed to fit your specific needs.

There are numerous benefits that come with choosing the ScaleBlaster water conditioning system including lower operational costs and environmental considerations. Simply put, you have the power to make your industrial facility more energy efficient while reducing maintenance costs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you combat problems with hard water.


Keeping Your Decorative Fountains Scale-Free

Keeping Your Decorative Fountains Scale-Free

Hard water can wreak havoc on decorative fountains.  Over time, lime scale buildup can clog hoses and filters, causing water flow issues. Lime scale deposits can also become a visual eyesore, thus defeating the purpose of having the fountain in the first place.  Decorative fountains are not just found on commercial properties. Many homeowners choose to incorporate these beautiful fountains in their yards and areas around the swimming pool, often unaware of the true cost of cleaning and maintenance, which can often exceed hundreds of dollars a month.

How many times have you seen a “dry” fountain – one that is no longer flowing with water?  If you pay attention, it happens more than you think.  Homeowners and businesses invest in fountains to beautify their home or commercial space, only to find out it is too costly to maintain.  This is where ScaleBlaster can help.  Simply install ScaleBlaster on the incoming water line and it will not only begin breaking down the lime scale and calcium deposits already there, but it will prevent new scale from forming. A small investment in ScaleBlaster can help preserve the integrity and beauty of your decorative fountain.

Read this success story about how one Florida company uses ScaleBlaster to save on monthly maintenance.

What You Don’t See Can Hurt Your Home

What You Don’t See Can Hurt Your Home

The previous article discussed how to determine the hardness of the water in your home.  Today, we will explore how what you don’t see can cause major issues.  We talked about how limescale buildup on appliances, fixtures, tubs and sinks is a sign of hard water problems.  This type of limescale buildup can generally be handled using a cleaner designed specifically for calcium and limescale. However, it is what you don’t see that can really do some damage.

Have you ever watched home remodeling and/or house flipping shows on television?  If so, you are probably familiar with scenes where the homeowners are faced with replacing their indoor plumbing and pipes due to limescale buildup. Yes, believe it or not, calcium and limescale can build up in your pipes over time to the point of actually blocking water flow.  This results in costly repairs and/or re-plumbing the entire home.

What is so incredible about ScaleBlaster is that is actually “blasts” the current limescale buildup on your pipes, then prevents new scale from forming.  It may take some time for ScaleBlaster to eliminate existing limescale – approximately 90 days for the average home – but once it is eliminated, it will remain gone for as long as you have ScaleBlaster installed. And, let’s not forget to mention that you can also go back to cleaning with everyday cleaners versus harsher ones designed to cut through limescale and calcium.

ScaleBlaster is affordable and easy to install.  A small investment now can save you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention many headaches, in the future. Check out our residential installation video to learn more.

How Do I Know if I Have Hard Water?

How Do I Know if I Have Hard Water?

Most everyone has hard water.  This is especially true if you live in the continental United States.   The calcium hardness level of your water does vary depending on where you live.  Our U.S. Water Hardness Map is helpful in determining if you live in a region with slightly hard or rocklike hard water, or somewhere in between. Well water is generally harder than city or municipal water. There are several ways to determine the level of hard water in your home:

  1. Limescale buildup on your appliances, fixtures, tubs, sinks, etc. is a tell-tale sign of hard water issues. Watch these videos from the DIY Network and HGTV to learn more.
  1. Hard water testing – if you live in an area with municipal or city water, they conduct regular testing and can provide you with information on calcium hardness. Some municipalities even make the information available on their website.
  1. Pick up your own hard water testing kit – you can test the water yourself using a kit available at a pool supply store. You can also bring in a sample of your water to a pool store with in-house water testing capabilities. This is especially important for homes using well water.

Everyone has hard water to some extent.  Regardless of how hard your water is, ScaleBlaster can prevent limescale formation.  This is important for your health and for the health of your appliances, fixtures and pipes.  Be sure to read our next article titled, What You Don’t See Can Hurt Your Home.

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