Why Can I Do to Remedy Hard Water in my Home?

What Can I Do to Remedy Hard Water in my Home?

Whether you are on a well or a municipal water system, chances are you have hard water running through your home.  As we have discussed in previous articles, hard water causes limescale buildup, damages appliances and is unhealthy for you and your family.  People often ask, “what is the best water filter for hard water?” In reality, the best water filter for hard water is not a filter at all. it. If you want to get rid of existing limescale and prevent new limescale from forming, an electronic water descaler is the ideal solution. An electronic water conditioner like ScaleBlaster – which also acts as a limescale remover – will pay for itself over and over again.

Use Less Soaps and Detergents

An electronic water conditioner system keeps limescale from forming, resulting in the need for less laundry detergent and soap for bathing and cleaning.

Extend the Life of Your Plumbing

Limescale buildup clogs pipes over time, slowing and sometimes even stopping the water flow. Replacing plumbing is costly, and requires tearing into the yard and sometimes even the walls.

An electronic water conditioner prevents the accumulation of limescale by emitting sonic waves that stop calcium molecules from adhering the walls of your pipes.  Investing in an electronic water descaler can save you thousands of dollars in plumbing costs alone.

Preserve the Integrity of Your Fixtures and Appliances

Every appliance and fixture that touches water in your home is susceptible to hard water damage.  Installing an electronic water conditioner like ScaleBlaster on the incoming pipe of your home prevents that annoying white limescale buildup that reduces the efficiency of appliances and stains your water faucets and fixtures.

Contact us to learn more about how the ScaleBlaster electronic water conditioner can save you money and benefit your family.

How Do I Know if I Have Hard Water?

How Do I Know if I Have Hard Water?

Most everyone has hard water.  This is especially true if you live in the continental United States.   The calcium hardness level of your water does vary depending on where you live.  Our U.S. Water Hardness Map is helpful in determining if you live in a region with slightly hard or rocklike hard water, or somewhere in between. Well water is generally harder than city or municipal water. There are several ways to determine the level of hard water in your home:

  1. Limescale buildup on your appliances, fixtures, tubs, sinks, etc. is a tell-tale sign of hard water issues. Watch these videos from the DIY Network and HGTV to learn more.
  1. Hard water testing – if you live in an area with municipal or city water, they conduct regular testing and can provide you with information on calcium hardness. Some municipalities even make the information available on their website.
  1. Pick up your own hard water testing kit – you can test the water yourself using a kit available at a pool supply store. You can also bring in a sample of your water to a pool store with in-house water testing capabilities. This is especially important for homes using well water.

Everyone has hard water to some extent.  Regardless of how hard your water is, ScaleBlaster can prevent limescale formation.  This is important for your health and for the health of your appliances, fixtures and pipes.  Be sure to read our next article titled, What You Don’t See Can Hurt Your Home.

ScaleBlaster – The Benefits for Commercial and Industrial Clients

ScaleBlaster – The Benefits for Commercial and Industrial Clients

Commercial and industrial clients may be different in many aspects, but they do have at least one thing in common – the need for aggressive hard water treatment.  Many companies are choosing ScaleBlaster because it is one of the most advanced and effective hard water descaler systems on the market.  In fact, the benefits of electronic water conditioners are so incredible, more and more companies are abandoning commercial water softeners. Chemical water treatment for cooling towers is even becoming obsolete.

Let’s look at some of the direct benefits of electronic water conditioners:

Industrial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

  • Eliminates costly and labor intensive hard water treatment problems
  • Requires less manpower and labor than cooling tower biocide
  • Renders chemical water treatment for cooling towers as virtually obsolete
  • No harsh or hazardous chemicals
  • Easily installed on the incoming water line
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Increases efficiency
  • Removes existing limescale
  • Extends longevity of equipment
  • Maintenance free and cost effective

Commercial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

  • Eliminates the need for costly commercial water softeners
  • Effectively resolves hard water treatment problems
  • Acts as a hard water descaler system which ultimately extends the life of appliances, pipes and equipment.
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Eliminates existing limescale
  • Saves money and labor costs over time
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The benefits and return in investment are almost immediate

Contact us or one of our worldwide dealers to find out more about how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler can benefit your company and save you money.


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