Tips on Choosing the Right Water Softener Alternative

Tips on Choosing the Right Water Softener Alternative

Owning a home comes with much responsibility. One of the most vital systems in your home is the plumbing. Hard water will damage your plumbing and appliances over time.  The most efficient, economical and healthy way to combat hard water is by using an electronic water conditioner (also known as a water descaler system). ScaleBlaster is an electronic water conditioner.  It is considered a water softener alternative because it does not involve the cost or ongoing maintenance that water softeners require.  Let’s review a few tips on choosing the right water softener alternative for your home.

Test Your Water

You can buy a home water testing kit at a pool supply store, or, have your water tested by a professional. The hardness of your water will make a difference when it comes to the ScaleBlaster model you need to purchase. The SB-75 residential electronic water conditioner is designed for calcium hardness (Ca) levels up to 19 grains per gallon (gpg) or 325 parts per million (ppm).  The SB-Elite residential electronic water conditioner accommodates calcium hardness (Ca) levels up to 35 grains per gallon (gpg) or 600 parts per million (ppm).

Know Your Square Footage

You do want to make sure you purchase the correct size electronic water conditioner for your home. The SB-75 is designed for homes under 4,000 square feet; the SB-Elite is for homes up to 5,000 square feet.

Type of Pipe

Since the ScaleBlaster electronic descaling system is installed on the incoming water pipe of your home, it is important to know the type of pipe.  ScaleBlaster works on all pipes (Copper, PVC, CPVC, PEX and galvanized), however, one extra step is required for galvanized pipe

Don’t let hard water damage your pipes and appliances.  ScaleBlaster has residential models designed to suit your needs.  Be sure to check us out at The Home Depot!