Industrial Water Limescale Removal

Trends in Industrial Water Limescale Removal

Industrial facilities are especially prone to the negative effects of limescale deposits. Over time, limescale compromises the efficiency of operations and even causes damage to existing infrastructure.  It is crucial to assess whether your piping already has limescale buildup to prevent further issues and damage.  Some “symptoms” of excessive limescale buildup include:

  1. Higher Electricity Bills

Are your power bills are running higher? Clogged pipes cause the water to flow slower, thus requiring more energy to operate.

  1. Reduced Efficiency

If you notice reduced production, it’s time to check whether blocked water pipes could be a contributing factor.

Industrial water limescale removal traditionally utilizes acids and harsh chemicals that pollute the environment.  Some of these solutions are banned in certain regions. An electronic water descaler offers a simple, affordable and eco-friendly solution to your industrial water problems.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water conditioner uses a signal cable to deliver frequencies from a computerized control box.  These cause ions to collide with each other.  Calcium crystal grow until there are no more surface charges left to stick to the walls of the pipe, or any other surface for that matter. No harsh chemicals, no maintenance, no salt, no filters.  It’s really that simple!

Electronic descaling systems have been hailed as an answer to industrial descaling because it not only protects the environment, but also works with minimal efficiency. And, let’s not forget the fact that they are affordable and do not require costly ongoing maintenance.

Looking for reliable limescale prevention and removal?  ScaleBlaster offers a variety of industrial models to suit the specific needs of your plant.  Contact one of our industrial specialists to learn more. We have experienced dealers throughout the United States and abroad.