What are the Benefits of Salt-Free Water Treatment?

What are the Benefits of Salt-Free Water Treatment?

Mineral scaling removal systems like ScaleBlaster offer a salt free water treatment alternative to a soft water system.  There are not too many options for hard water treatment.  One is a salt water softener, descaling chemicals such as those used in water heater maintenance,  have been the traditional options used by maintenance departments.

Today, operators have another option.  ScaleBlaster is scale remover, or lime scale remover system that does not require chemicals, salt or maintenance.  Calcium buildup is a costly part of daily maintenance for any business including well water treatment.

There are several benefits of using a salt-free water treatment system like ScaleBlaster.  Water softeners waste a lot of water, and pollute of precious water system with brine discharge.  With less than 4% of our water now considered pure water, it is important we take care of our environment today.  Using a water softener is like taking a bag of salt and dumping it into our water stream.

For homeowners, using a water softener not only wastes a lot of water nightly, but is dangerous for those on salt-restricted diets and should not be used.  ScaleBlaster is the salt-free answer is recommended for those on salt restrictions.

Today, ScaleBlaster is used by thousands of health care facilities, who naturally, cannot use water softeners.  ScaleBlaster can offer many of the same benefits as a water softener without the constant maintenance and bags of salt needed to operate.  ScaleBlaster is totally maintenance-free and requires no salt or chemicals to operate.