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water scale removal

Basic Principles of Water Scale Elimination

In answering the question of how to soften water at home, we have been covering the basic principles of water scale formation and elimination.  As a follow-on to our previous article discussing water scale formation, we will now cover the theory behind why the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is an effective hard water scale remover and […]

water scale removal

Basic Principles of Water Scale Formation

How to soften water at home is a question often asked by homeowners who are concerned about the health of their family and integrity of their pipes and appliances.  ScaleBlaster is an electronic water descaler/hard water scale remover that can be easily installed on the incoming water pipe of your home.  However, to understand how […]

industrial electronic descaler

Overview – Industrial Electronic Descaler

The ScaleBlaster is hands down the most environmentally friendly and effective industrial lime scale remover you can invest in.  Treating hard water in industrial applications is challenging, but certainly not impossible.  Traditionally, water scale removal and hard water treatment options included chemicals, scale inhibitors and very costly water softener systems.  Once the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler […]

commercial electronic descaler

Overview – Commercial Electronic Descaler

Hard water and limescale cause thousands of dollars in damage to commercial buildings each year. Prior to the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler, the two hard water treatment options were water softeners and chemicals. In 1995, ScaleBlaster changed the game for companies seeking an environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable limescale eliminator and hard water scale remover. Since […]

residential electronic descaler

Overview – ScaleBlaster Residential Electronic Descaler

We are often asked about the differences between our residential, commercial and industrial ScaleBlaster electronic descaler models. The upcoming series of articles will give a brief overview of each. All three categories of ScaleBlaster are considered the gold standard when it comes to hard water treatment options.   Each is not only an excellent hard water […]

hard water scale removal

How Hard Water Scale Removal Can Improve the Quality of Your Home

Part 1 Many homeowners are unaware of the vast problems caused by limescale.  Limescale forms from the calcium carbonate and calcium and magnesium mineral ions that are found in hard water.  As limescale builds up over time, it starts to cause problems throughout the home.  One of the most cost effective, efficient and safe ways […]

electronic descaler

The Ultimate Limescale Eliminator

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaler is considered the ultimate limescale eliminator.  The first ScaleBlaster model was released in 1995 and was the first electronic descaler in the world to actually perform as advertised. Many homeowners focus on how an electronic descaler prevents limescale from forming.  However, limescale elimination is just as important. Many products claim to […]

hard water treatment options

Hard Water Treatment Options

Hard water causes a multitude of problems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.  Homes are impacted by hard water when the lime scale buildup starts to negatively affect appliances and fixtures.  Lime scale caused by hard water also costs commercial businesses and industrial operations thousands of dollars each year. There are several ways to approach […]

lime scale remover

Helpful Tips to Stop Lime Scale Buildup

Removing lime scale from your appliances is time consuming and costly. The best way to address lime scale is to prevent it.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only an effective lime scale remover, but it also stops lime scale buildup. Lime scale is the direct result of hard water and it’s synonymous for […]

Electronic descaler

How ScaleBlaster’s Commercial Electronic Water Descaler Saves You Money

Calcium breaks down into calcium carbonate and causes limescale to build up on your pipes, appliances and water cooling towers. Limescale buildup can cause clogs, corrosion and a shortened life for water cooling towers, machinery and appliances. A chemical limescale remover is a common solution, however, not only is it harmful to the environment, but […]