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limescale removal

What is Limescale?

Limescale is a pesky substance commonly caused by calcium carbonate and the calcium and magnesium mineral ions found in hard water.  Limescale typically presents as an off-white, chalky deposit.  It is most noticeable on shower heads, faucets and appliances that utilize water.  Not only does limescale look bad, but it can wreak havoc in your […]

Gift for Any Homeowner

ScaleBlaster –The Perfect Holiday Gift for Any Homeowner!

Looking for a practical yet affordable holiday gift for family and friends?  If so, we have the perfect solution any homeowner will appreciate.  The ScaleBlaster residential electronic descaler models (SB-75 and SB-Elite) can be purchased at online and in person at both Home Depot and Lowes. Purchasing a ScaleBlaster means your family and/or friends will […]

Salt based Softeners and Sodium Content

Salt based Softeners and Sodium Content – Is it safe for you?

It has been questioned, “How much sodium actually ends up in your drinking water from a salt-based water softener?” It is important to remember that an article can be written with bias. Here are the facts below. You decide if it is acceptable by your dietary standards. It depends on how hard your water is, […]

ScaleBlaster is the Salt, Chemical & Maintenance FREE solution to hard water problems.

Introducing ScaleBlaster


Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment System

Hard water is a problem throughout the country (see our water hardness chart / water hardness map). When water percolates through limestone and chalk deposits, it picks up many calcium ions. This highly mineralized water is referred to as hard water. Hard water is very destructive to plumbing infrastructure and can cause difficulties for any […]

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Lime Descaler

Three Factors of Cooling Tower Water Quality

Clearwater Enviro Technologies offers specialized services for commercial and industrial cooling towers. Our nearly 30 years in the industry has provided us with the experience and expertise to develop systems designed to provide the best cooling tower water treatment options on the market. Quality water that is free from organic and inorganic contaminants is essential […]

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Lime Descaler

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Power Generation Applications

Power generation plants rely on cooling towers, which require ongoing maintenance to remain effective. Installing an electronic water descaler for cooling tower water treatment reduces the need for cooling tower biocide and other harmful chemicals which degrade the overall integrity of the structure and its systems. The water hardness scale plays a large part because […]

Benefits - Industrial

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Lime Descaler

Many industries have a system to regulate the core temperature of their facility. A cooling tower is one such system, and it requires regular maintenance and repairs to stay fully functional. Using an industrial hard water descaler system such as ScaleBlaster for your cooling tower water treatment can result in significant savings.  Here are few […]

How Electronic Water Conditioners Work

How Electronic Water Conditioners Work

Lime scale buildup is common in plumbing and appliances that use hard water. Lime scale is not only unsightly, it is also extremely difficult to remove. Electronic water conditioners such as ScaleBlaster are extremely effective when it comes to removing lime scale and other unsightly build up. How Electronic Water Conditioners Work Electronic water conditioners […]