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How ScaleBlaster is an Effective Lime Scale Remover

How ScaleBlaster is an Effective Lime Scale Remover

ScaleBlaster is an electronic water conditioner that will remove calcium buildup, or mineral scaling from your household pipes and appliances that come in contact with hard water.  Your shower filter will clog up needing some kind of lime scale treatment.  ScaleBlaster is not a water filter, but a water conditioning device that will act as […]


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Installation: Residential

Installation: Residential

Hard Water Soap Lather

Do You Suspect You Have a Lime Scale Problem?

If you have recently peeked at the inside of your kettle or taps, chances are that you have spotted some off-white, stony and tough crust. This is lime scale, a deposit from hard water. Hard water contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals accumulated as the water runs over spongy, soft rocks, like chalk or […]

Achieve Operational Efficiency with a Better Hard Water Treatment System

One of the first things you watch out for when you’re running a business is keeping operating costs low. If your business relies on a lot of water-using systems and technologies, then you know how huge a problem lime scale formation can be. Lime scale Hard water contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, says […]

How to Effectively Solve Your Hard Water Problems

Living in a hard water area can present a whole host of problems for you. You constantly have to deal with mineral deposits in your hot chocolate every morning. Your hair is dry and brittle because of the prolonged exposure to the minerals in hard water. And your appliances are a lot less efficient and […]

Taking A Closer Look At Cooling Tower Water Treatment Companies

For commercial and industrial HVAC companies, working with top quality, professional and experienced cooling tower water treatment companies is an important partnership to consider. By working with the best companies, you have the support, expertise and the professional know-how you need to maintain the quality and efficiency of the cooling tower. This, in turn, provides […]

Combating the Need for Cooling Tower Biocide

An Alternative to Chemical Cooling Tower Biocide Systems

Hard water can be severely damaging to cooling towers and other industrial water system units. The limescale buildup is corrosive to pipes and is a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. The professionals here at ScaleBlaster have spent years developing a system to protect industrial water systems from the harmful effects of hard water and […]

Hiring Cooling Tower Treatment Companies—What You Need to Know

The cooling tower is a tower that’s mostly installed near factories in industries where a lot of water is required. The water that is heated due to industrial processes is sent via pipes in to the cooling tower so that it can come in to direct contact with air. As the name suggests, the main […]