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Hiring Cooling Tower Treatment Companies—What You Need to Know

The cooling tower is a tower that’s mostly installed near factories in industries where a lot of water is required. The water that is heated due to industrial processes is sent via pipes in to the cooling tower so that it can come in to direct contact with air. As the name suggests, the main […]

Challenges To Managing Cooling Tower Chemistry

With our long experience in working with professionals in the HVAC industry, we are keenly aware of the challenges in managing cooling tower chemistry. We also understand that the very nature of the systems, the use of heat to cause evaporation can create concentrations of both organic and inorganic contaminants that can create imbalances within […]

Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers—Is It the Right Choice?

Have you seen those giant towers that are installed outside factories and on top of large buildings? These are cooling towers that serve a very important purpose. Simply put, a cooling tower is a heat exchanger that brings water in to direct contact with air, thus causing the temperature of the water to drop. When […]

Alternatives To Traditional Water Softening Systems

Many people that first learn about ScaleBlaster technology are more than a bit confused about how something that actually doesn’t even touch the water can prevent the buildup of lime scale and provide quality water for residential and commercial buildings. While we realize it can be a bit confusing, if you stop and consider how […]

Choosing an Alternative to Traditional Water Softener Systems

Here at ScaleBlaster, we’ve worked hard to create a water softener system that is both effective and eco-friendly. We know how frustrating it can be to live with hard water. The limescale is difficult to clean and it corrodes a home’s plumbing infrastructure. It is a challenge to remove limescale from pipe walls. Additionally, hard […]

Choosing The Best Water Filter For Hard Water

When it comes to getting the best water in your home, you can’t rely on the municipal tap. Sure, millions of people turn on their faucet and just assume everything is “A” ok. That’s not the case in these modern times. There’s a lot of chemicals that come through faucets, and it could very well […]

3 Reasons To Get An Industrial Descaler

Millions of people are dealing with hard water. Many don’t even know it. They don’t really understand what it can do to the plumbing in their home. For some, a simple change can be needed. However, for those that are dealing with a larger problem, an industrial descaler is going to be needed. There are […]

Try Scaleblaster for Lime Scale Removal Problems

Fresh water is an indispensable means of daily existence and must be available at all times. There are many ways of treating brackish or hard water to purify it and make it more drinkable. Some people use chemicals and expensive water-treatment gadgets to soften water for regular use while others simply prefer to buy water […]

Residential: Health Benefits

There is nothing more important in the world than your health. Too much sodium in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, which studies say can lead to heart disease, kidney disease or stroke. If you are using a water softener -or thinking about purchasing one, you may want to reconsider – especially if […]

Residential Tankless Water Heater Solutions

Tankless water heaters have become incredibly popular to use in the United States, and people have come to realize that hard water can cause severe damage when precautions are not taken to protect their real estate investments. Most of the United States is subjected to hard water problems, so quality tankless water heater descaler solutions […]