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ScaleBlaster Residential Hard Water Solution
The healthy & eco-friendly alternative! Removes limescale, the cause of soap scum, poor water pressure, lack of hot water & high heating cost while protecting appliances!


ScaleBlaster Commercial Hard Water Descaling
The sustainable solution to hard water. Works on hundreds of commercial water scaling problems. Removes scale buildup in pipes and equipment & prolongs their lifespan.


ScaleBlaster - Industrial Water Treatment
From any HVAC application to large city power plants and cooling towers, ScaleBlaster will keep scale deposits away forever on any size pipe up to 40 inches.
Eco-Friendly Water Softeners

ScaleBlaster - Water Softener Alternative

ScaleBlaster is a maintenance-free, salt & chemical-free alternative to water softeners for: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. Lime scale will no longer form in the pipes or on equipment that comes in contact with hard water. This results in the lowering of the saturation level of hard water, so that new lime scale is prevented and any existing scale is dissolved back into the water. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The Importance of Healthy Water

For years, it's been drilled into the minds of many about the importance of water in daily living. In fact, there are many areas of life in which water plays a major role and can have a major effect on the livelihood of people. The usage of No Salt Water Conditioners and Electronic Water Conditioners are widespread. Industrial Water Treatment is effective with the use of Hard Water Scale Prevention and Tankless Water Heater Descalers as well. There are several different methods and tools utilized to ensure that this is the case but there are typically a few extra measures such as, Cooling Tower Water Treatment and Limescale Removal that are taken to help stabilize or improve the quality of the water.

Special Conditioning

Many people in commercial and residential settings as well utilize alternatives such as a Water Softener and find that it works great in decreasing the hardness of the water. There is a Water Softener alternate for many different levels of hard water and most of the time they can be used in addition to a Lime Scale Removal treatment in an effort to Prevent the build-up of Lime Scale deposits. The process of conditioning the water for safe use and drinking has been an alternative for many years. There have been many improvements to the most effective methods of treatment over time. There is a process that helps to maintain the efficiency of the flow as water passes through pipes and other devices of transfer.

Components Utilized to Stop Limescale

  • Water Descaling System
  • Electronic Water Descaler
  • Hard Water Solutions
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment Equipment

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