Advantages of Installing an Electronic Water Descaler Instead of a Water Softener

Electronic Water Descaler

Part Two

When it comes to shopping for a hard water scale remover and limescale prevention solution, the two main choices for homeowners are an electronic water descaler and a water softener.  We are continuing our two-part series on the advantages of installing an electronic water descaler.


The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler requires no salt or chemicals to be effective as a hard water scale remover and limescale prevention solution. Water softeners, on the otherhand, use salt and chemicals that are discharged into the waste stream and unable to be removed by wastewater treatment facilities.  ScaleBlaster is an eco-friendly water softener alternative.

Overall Effects on the Water

Water softeners make skin feel dry.  The water also feels slippery and soap suds are difficult to remove.  Once you install ScaleBlaster, the pipe scale removal process begins. You will gradually start to notice that your skin feels softer, the water feels silkier and soap suds easily wash away.  The full benefits of ScaleBlaster will be apparent after a few months.


Water softeners add salt to the water. Added salt in drinking water is not recommended for people on salt restricted diets or pets. Water softeners also remove all calcium from the water.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler does not require chemicals to be an effective limescale remover.  It also does an excellent job in preventing new scale from forming.

Cost Savings

ScaleBlaster is a residential hard water solution that is much more cost effective than purchasing a water softener system.  Furthermore, ScaleBlaster is a one-time investment that is not only effective in pipe scale removal / water scale removal, but also prevents new scale from forming all together.  Another advantage an electronic water descaler has over water softeners is that it requires no additional water to operate and does not use filters.  The water savings alone makes an electronic water descaler a sound investment.

Want to learn more about how ScaleBlaster is a healthy, eco-friendly and effective limescale remover and limescale prevention solution?  Browse our Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call today!