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Do I Have Hard Water?

How to Determine if you Need a Residential Hard Water Solution One question homeowners often ask is if they live in an area with hard water. The calcium hardness level depends on many factors.  If you live in the continental United States, our U.S. Water Hardness Map will help you determine the hardness of the […]

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ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Descaler – Residential Models

If you live in a home with hard water, then you understand why a residential hard water solution is so important.  Not only does limescale adversely affect the efficiency and longevity of appliances, but it is not ideal for washing, bathing or drinking. If you have any existing scale, then water scale removal is necessary.  […]

Residential Hard Water Solution

Why is ScaleBlaster the Preferred Residential Hard Water Solution?

ScaleBlaster was first released in 1995 and became the first and only electronic water descaler to be successful in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Since then, there have been competitors emerge onto the scene with inferior electronic water descaler models that don’t hold a candle to the water scale removal and prevention qualities of […]

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ScaleBlaster and Amusement Parks

Amusement parks utilize thousands of gallons of water a day.  Hard water treatment is necessary to keep rides and operations running smoothly.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water conditioner is not only an effective limescale remover, but it also prevents new limescale from forming.  ScaleBlaster is an integral part of the hard water treatment strategy for many […]

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ScaleBlaster vs. Water Softeners

We are often asked how electronic water conditioners compare to water softeners.  There are some significant benefits and differences.  First, the ScaleBlaster water conditioner is a lime scale remover.  It actually works to remove existing scale in addition to preventing new lime scale from forming.  A water softener is not an effective lime scale remover.  […]

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The Clearwater Enviro Difference

One of the greatest compliments a company can receive is competition.  A product that is not effective will have no competition.  A product that is proven to work will have may imitators. Clearwater Enviro Technologies has spent three decades engineering, designing and assembling quality products designed to improve the water quality of homes, businesses and […]

Commercial Applications for ScaleBlaster

Commercial Applications for ScaleBlaster

This article is part of a series discussing benefits the ScaleBlaster water conditioner has in commercial applications.  Let’s take a look: Dishwashers Hard water treatment via water conditioners reduces limescale build-up in dishwasher lines and on the heating elements. Ice Machines Water scale deposits can cause ice cubes to be cloudy and can also clog […]

ScaleBlaster Commercial Applications

ScaleBlaster Commercial Applications

Our next series of articles will discuss how the ScaleBlaster water conditioner is commonly used in commercial applications. Cooling Towers Water conditioners reduce the need for cooling tower biocide. ScaleBlaster is a lime scale remover and also helps prevent water scale buildup, bacteria, biofilm, corrosion and algae blooms. Hard water treatment provided by water conditioners […]

Top Reasons Dad Loves ScaleBlaster

Top Reasons Dad Loves ScaleBlaster

Last month, we discussed the top reasons why mom loves the ScaleBlaster water conditioner.  This month, we will cover what makes water conditioners such an appealing hard water treatment option for fathers to consider for their family. Easy to Install Many hard water treatment options are difficult and time consuming to install. Some even require […]

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Top Three Reasons Mom Loves ScaleBlaster

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Instead of candy or flowers, why not consider a gift that mom will benefit from for years to come?  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is a hard water scale remover and limescale prevention product that will definitely make your mom smile.  Let’s take a look at the top […]