Alternatives To Traditional Water Softening Systems

Many people that first learn about ScaleBlaster technology are more than a bit confused about how something that actually doesn’t even touch the water can prevent the buildup of lime scale and provide quality water for residential and commercial buildings.

While we realize it can be a bit confusing, if you stop and consider how traditional water softening systems work and then understand our technology, you will see the advantages. To help you to understand, let’s first take a look at the water softeners most people are familiar with.

The Traditional Option

With a traditional system, there is a resin tank in the system that is filled with thousands of tiny beads. These resin beads all have sodium molecules attached to the outside. As the hard water comes into the tank, the water circulates through the beads and the sodium ions on the beads exchange for the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.

The water leaving the tank is free from these minerals, which eliminates the lime scale and the unpleasant feel of hard water. It will also assist in reducing soap scum that is, such a problem with hard water.

The tank needs to be regenerated every so often based on the volume of water through the system or a clock setting that completes the cycle every so many days. In this regeneration cycle, a strong salty brine is flushed through the resin tank, removing the calcium and magnesium molecules and replacing them with sodium ions to keep the process going.

These water softening methods require that brine solution be then flushed from the system. This dumps gallons of very salty and high mineral concentration brine into sewer systems, creating potential corrosion and scale buildup in these systems.

The ScaleBlaster Alternative

With our ScaleBlaster system, you can get rid of the tank, forget about hauling in heavy bags of salt and constantly having to monitor the brine tank and resin beads. With our system we offer a small compact box that fits on your wall, giving you added floor space.
Your water intake lines will run through the box, and through a specialized oscillating electronic field that is set up to change the shape of the calcium molecules. This prevents them from adhering to surfaces and eliminates the presence of any build up of scale with ongoing use.

Additionally, our water softening system will change the surface tension of the water, actually lowering it, giving you a soft water experience without all the hassle of those old school types of systems.