Benefits of ScaleBlaster at Power Plants

Benefits of ScaleBlaster at Power Plants - Benefits of ScaleBlaster at Power Plants

Part One

As discussed in our previous article, lime scale removal and control is an integral part of ensuring efficient operation of a power plant.  Cooling tower biocide is generally used as a hard water scale remover, but it contains harsh chemicals and requires a lot of manpower to manage.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler controls lime scale deposits throughout a power plant operation.  It is effective in water scale removal and control not only in cooling towers but also condensers, chillers, boilers and compressors. Let’s take a look at how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler benefits a power plant.

Chemical Reduction

ScaleBlaster can significantly reduce the need to use chemicals such as cooling tower biocide as a hard water scale remover and/or for the prevention of corrosion and scale.

Reduces Corrosion

ScaleBlaster allows for increased cycles of concentration which naturally and gently elevates the pH of the re-circulating water, thereby rendering the water less corrosive. An electronic water descaler controls scaling potentials, which lessens troublesome corrosive cell formations of calcium/iron deposits on the metal surfaces. ScaleBlaster helps control biofilm formation where bacteria can actively attack all metal surfaces.

Increases Cycles of Concentration

By allowing the conductivity levels to go higher, you may be able to raise the cycles of concentration which will result in significant water savings.

Improves Efficiency

ScaleBlaster is not only effective in lime scale removal, but it keeps heat transfer surfaces free from lime scale, thus allowing systems to operate under optimal design conditions.

Part two of this article will cover more reasons why power plants should consider the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler for lime scale removal and prevention. Interested in learning more?  Contact one of our industrial specialists today!