Industrial Benefits of an Electronic Water Descaler

scaleblaster industrial - Industrial Benefits of an Electronic Water Descaler

(part two)

ScaleBlaster is one of the most widely sought after hard water treatment options on the market today.  Not only is it effective, it’s affordable and eco-friendly, too.  Cooling tower biocide / chemical solutions and industrial water softeners are hazardous to the environment.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is effective in water scale removal / pipe scale removal and prevents new scale from forming without the use of chemicals or salt.

Increases Cycles of Concentration

ScaleBlaster is one of the most preferred hard water treatment options because it helps industries save money.  One way it does this is by raising the cycles of concentration, which yields a significant savings in water.

Saves Energy

A ¼” of scale buildup can increase energy consumption by up to 40%. ScaleBlaster is efficient in water scale removal / pipe scale removal which results in decreased energy consumption in heating and cooling applications.

Prevents the Accumulation and Build-up of Scale

We talked about how an electronic water descaler is an effective pipe scale remover / water scale remover.  ScaleBlaster is also effective in preventing new scale because it modifies scale forming ions so they do not adhere to pipe walls, tubes, jets, heat transfer surfaces, etc.

Reduces Downtime and Maintenance

ScaleBlaster saves money by reducing overall downtime and maintenance. The frequency of cleaning shutdowns will also drastically decrease.

If you are ready to get serious about being more efficient and saving money, we can help. Our industrial specialists can determine the proper type and size electronic water descaler you need for your industrial operation.  Connect with the specialist nearest you or e-mail us at to get started today!