Why Wastewater Operations Need a Reliable Industrial Hard Water Descaling Solution

Industrial Hard Water Descaling Solution - Why Wastewater Operations Need a Reliable Industrial Hard Water Descaling Solution

We are continuing our series of articles on why wastewater operations need a reliable industrial hard water descaling solution. Our previous articles covered how an electronic descaling system is beneficial in lime and soda ash treatment, can prevent resin bed calcification, reduces polymer usage, benefits effluent systems, and prevents scale on pumps.  Today, we will look at more reasons why wastewater operations need a dependable industrial hard water descaler.

Protects Sensors & Instruments

Limescale can build anywhere, and control valves, probes, and sensors are no exception. An electronic descaling system will act as a limescale eliminator, performing existing water scale removal and preventing new scale from forming, thus ensuring none of the instrumentation is disrupted or damaged as a result of limescale.

Improves Efficiency of Mixing Tanks

Lime / soda ash is mixed with water to form a slurry and is then pumped into the water for treatment. The mixing is performed in a large mixing tank. The tank, as well as the mixing propeller, are prone to scale buildup. An industrial hard water descaler prevents limescale from forming inside the mixing tank or on the propeller.

ScaleBlaster has been a preferred industrial hard water descaling solution for more than three decades.  In fact, it is arguably the most trusted residential, commercial, and industrial electronic descaling system on the market today. It is affordable, has a proven track record, and is an ecofriendly water softener alternative.

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