Industrial Hard Water Descaling Options

Industrial Hard Water Descaling Options

There are two basic options for the industrial hard water descaling: chemical options and an eco-friendly industrial hard water descaler such as ScaleBlaster. Cooling tower water treatment is important.  Chemical companies, oil refineries, power plants, and other companies also require an industrial lime scale remover to keep their operations in tip top shape. The ScaleBlaster industrial hard water descaler system is low maintenance, cost effective and prevents lime scale without harming the environment. Let’s examine the differences in both chemical and industrial hard descaler system options.


There are chemical options that you can use to treat the hardness level of your water, including various toxic chemicals and water softeners which require salt. There are several disadvantages to choosing the chemical method for cooling tower water treatment and industrial hard water descaling. These methods require lot of maintenance and are expensive. Chemicals, softeners, and conditioners that you use must be regularly be added to your water intake area. Adding toxic chemicals added to your system also introduces chlorides into the surrounding ecosystem.

Industrial Hard Water Descaling

The best eco-friendly industrial lime scale remover is ScaleBlaster. This industrial hard water descaler system not only prevents new lime scale build up, but eliminates existing lime scale in your pipes and equipment. ScaleBlaster operates without harsh, toxic chemicals, is relatively maintenance free and works effectively as both a cooling tower water treatment solution and industrial hard water descaler. ScaleBlaster uses an inaudible signal which causes calcium molecules to lose one crucial property: their stickiness. When the molecules cannot stick, they will not be able to cause lime scale buildup.

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